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Aimez-vous ce que je fais ici sur le crochet concupiscence? Vous pouvez avoir tout le contenu de ce blog gratuitement, mais puisque c'est la Saint Valentin et vous pourrait se sentir l'amour que j'ai pensé que je demande si vous voulez m'aider.

5 Ways You Can Show Me Some Valentine’s Love Right Now

  1. Contribute a small donation to my Hook to Heal fundraiser. I’ve only got two weeks left and if I fail to meet my funding goal of $2000 then I have to pay 5% extra in fees to Indiegogo. Help me avoid this cost with a small donation. Even $1 helps and it will get you an acknowledgment in the book!
  2. Buy someone a copy of Crochet a sauvé ma vie. Or get yourself the Kindle copy pour seulement $2.99.
  3. Inscrivez-vous pour la free monthly crochet newsletter that I put out.
  4. Spread the word about enjoying this blog through your social media. Mention me on Facebook or Twitter, pin some of the images from this blog on Pinterestlet others know why they should check out this blog.
  5. Take the time to visit some of the archived posts on this site and leave comments!

Your support in keeping this blog active is always so appreciated. You are much loved this Valentine’s Day!!

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Comme ce post, s'il vous plaît appuyez sur le bouton de l'action! Vraiment j'aime ce que je fais avec crochet concupiscence? Pensez à faire un don ou devenir un le blog parrain.

I've done most of the above, I really hope you can get the funding for your publishing. I'm looking forward to it. Aimez votre blog. Missed this yesterday as the husband and I have been purging our house of 20 years of things. We are going to have the biggest garage sale this spring, ouf. We're not done yet ( working on it more today and tomorrow)non plus, but getting there.

CrochetBlogger modérateur 1 Comme

@icrochetinoh Sensationnel! That sounds like a big project but I bet it will feel so good to get it done. I personally love to declutter and clear out the old to make room for the new.

Comme toujours, I so appreciate your support. I've seen how much you've shared the info about the things I'm working on around the web and it really helps a lot!


@CrochetBlogger Huge project and this weekend I'm taking my daughter see the WHO! On top of all that work. We're even doing more tomorrow. Not quite done yet but very close then this spring to tackle it all and have a huge garage sale.

Kate Lantry
Kate Lantry 1 Comme

I just found your blog through the guest post you did for Made in K Town. I also just spent the last 2 hours looking at things you have on here and barely scratched the surface! Sensationnel! Thank you so much for inspiring me. I downloaded your book to my Kindle and look forward to reading it; crochet is definitely a big healing factor in my life. I also subscribed to the newsletter and am excited about that. Merci encore! Bénédictions :-)

CrochetBlogger modérateur

Thank you so much for your kind words Kate! One of the things that makes me really happy to hear is that when people deiscover this blog they find that they can get lost here for hours. I think that's a magical thing and I'm so glad that it's something I'm able to offer to our crochet community!

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