75 Les gens étonnants je suis amoureuse Right Now!

par Kathryn sur Février 18, 2013 · 10 commentaires

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C'est un public grâce à la 75 personnes qui ont contribué entre $1 et $75 each to my Indiegogo fundraiser for Crochet pour guérir, qui est le prochain livre que je suis en train de. I’ve got the book’s outline and draft ready and I’m super excited about getting to share it with you this fall. The fundraiser has a little bit less than two weeks to go and still needs 19% more funding.

Special Crochet Thanks!

Thanks also to the other people who did contribute to the campaign but chose to leave their names anonymous. You are not on this list but you are so appreciated!

  • Anne Oldenhuis
  • bearyannpawter
  • Bethel de Béthanie
  • Billy Jack Končelík
  • Carolyn Jarie Getter
  • countrymaison
  • Deborahy30004
  • Dorothy Hunter-Talbot
  • Pendant Erica
  • Gwen Blakley Kinsler
  • icrochetinoh
  • jdwln320
  • Jessica Carlos
  • Judy Witherby
  • Kaern Dong
  • Karem Carino
  • Katherine Gordon
  • Katherine M Auerheimer
  • Katrina Bodart
  • Laurie Wheeler
  • linda miskowiec
  • Lori Sievert
  • Lyndi Rivières
  • marciascarpelli
  • Mags (@magsiesss)
  • Margaret Mills
  • Margaret351
  • Marinke Slump
  • Marjolein Kleinman
  • Mary Zeman
  • michael_dore
  • miriam vercillo
  • onecricket
  • Patricia P Poster
  • Patrick Ahern
  • Patrizia Momigliano
  • RJ Blain
  • Sarah Jones
  • sdoty72
  • Sheliah Kline
  • sherylmeans
  • snarlingbadger
  • Sophia Roberts
  • Stephanie Hicks
  • Suzy Harrison
  • wendy mckenney
  • Wendy Whipple

If you have contributed to the campaign and you don’t see your name here, it may be because you have set your Indiegogo contribution to anonymous. You can change that by going to your Indiegogo account and changing your visibility on your contribution. You can also email me to let me know that you want to be recognized for your contribution and I’ll update this post with your name!

And More Crochet Thanks

Not everyone has cash to give. Ce n'est pas grave! Thank you to every single person who has spread the word about this project through their blogs, social media and other channels. And thanks to every single person who has sent me an encouraging word saying that they are looking forward to Hook to Heal. You are so special.

What Hook to Heal Needs

Crochet pour guérir is now 81% funded. This is terrific! If that’s all I get, I’m still grateful for every penny. Cependant, if I do not reach my full funding amount then I have to pay a 5% higher fee to Indiegogo than I would have to pay if I do reach that amount. All of my funders would probably prefer to see that money go towards making Hook to Heal as great as possible for all of us so it would be terrific if we can push that funding over that final mark.

How to help:

  • Donner $30. Obtenez une copie du livre d'impression quand il est prêt. Obtenir une copie de crochet a sauvé ma vie en quelques semaines. De plus, obtenez gratuitement 300×300 publicité encadré sur le crochet concupiscence pour une valeur totale de mois $100.
  • Donner $10. Vous obtiendrez une copie numérique du livre cet automne. De plus, si vous voulez, vous pouvez obtenir gratuitement 300×100 annonce sur le crochet concupiscence à passer le mot sur votre propre site / projets / travaux.
  • Donate just $1. Every little bit helps. Plus you’ll get your name into posts like this (free advertising and public acknowledgment!) And you’ll get your name in the book’s acknowledgments.
  • Tell someone else about this project. Hit those social media share buttons. Add a comment about why you think people might like this.

Contribute here.

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Comme ce post, s'il vous plaît appuyez sur le bouton de l'action! Vraiment j'aime ce que je fais avec crochet concupiscence? Pensez à faire un don ou devenir un le blog parrain.

Bonjour! I donated to your project anonymously, but I thought you might want to know I have advertized your Indiegogo campaign on my book review blog in as a postscript to a review of Crochet Saved My Life. You can see it at http://booklearningblog.wordpress.com/2013/02/22/crochet-saved-my-life/. I have only just started to review books, so I only get a little trickle of readers, but every little bit helps, droit?


This is wonderful! I'm a diabetic and at times I have been in real health trouble, battling with all I had, but aside from God's strength and grace, I found a lot of comfort and encouragement in using my hook to benefit orphan children. It has given me much joy, and I think that has also brought healing in many ways. Anyone who has had to struggle with a physical problem in a world of apparently healthy people will understand the comfort I am talking about.

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Country Maison
Country Maison

Salut Kathryn,

Just to let you know I have blogged about it today too. My blog is only 4 months old so I don't even get hundreds of views per day but I hope you get some contributions from the few people that read me.

I do hope you get the full funding.

The link to the post is here:




  1. [...] J'ai passé le financement de crowdsourcing mois pour mon prochain projet de livre de crochet, Crochet pour guérir. Merci à chaque personne qui a offert un mot d'encouragement, mentionné le projet dans les médias sociaux, etc. I will be doing a full roundup post shortly over on my main website highlighting all of the people who contributed to the fundraiser. [...]

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