My 2013 Crochet Concupiscence Commitments

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Do you make New Year’s Resolutions? I’ve noticed a trend in recent years among people who choose not to do this (or to do it but call it something else), which is likely due to the fact that there’s such a negative connotation to the wordresolution” … it makes people feel like they’re setting themselves up to fail because of the many years they’ve made resolutions in the past that they didn’t keep.

Personally, Bien que, I like the whole idea of resolutions. I am always reviewing my goals, seeing if I’m track, setting new ideals for myself in both work and personal life. New Years and my birthday are two annual times when I do this although I do it in smaller ways throughout the year. In any case, whether you want to call them resolutions or commitments or goals, I’ve got some 2013 plans for Crochet Concupiscence and I wanted to share them with you in this public space today.

2013 Crochet Concupiscence Commitment

It is my intention to continue to use my skills in writing and research to spread the word about all things related to crochet for the purpose of honoring the craft, celebrating its diverse uses and creating threads of connection among those who practice crochet.

More Specifically

I am especially committed to giving a voice to under-served, underappreciated and less-noticed areas of the craft including:

  • The health benefits of crochet and how crochet can be used to improve total mind-body wellness
  • The work of crochet artists of all kinds including fine arts, fashion and street art
  • The unique history of this craft including attention to artists and designers of yesteryear

I am also committed to continuing to use Crochet Concupiscence to support the work of other crochet bloggers, crochet designers and makers in crochet as a means of strengthening the crochet community. Crochet Concupiscence is intended to be both a hub of information about all things crochet and a place that celebrates the people interested in that information.

In The Year To Come

I will be sharing more in an upcoming post about what specific types of series you can expect on this blog in 2013. I will also be sharing some of my own personal crafting goals. But just for today, I wanted to focus on what this blog is all about and what my commitment is to you as the wonderful readers of this site.

Do you want to make a public commitment to how you will use crochet to benefit yourself or others in the year to come? It can be a powerful way to help you recognize and appreciate the value of this craft. Feel free to make that commitment here in the comments section.

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undergroundcrafter 1 Like

I feel the same about resolutions :). Best wishes for an awesome 2013 for Crochet Concupiscence!


I've set myself some Crochet aims this year - to learn broomstick lace, tunisian & filet crochet & make something from each skill & to make an item of clothing (making clothing is my nemisis - i'm rubbish at getting the correct gauge!). I also want to raise money for charity with the things that I make. If I don't get it done this year i'll carry it over to 2014 :)

Thankyou for Crochet Concupscience!xxx

CrochetBlogger Modérateur

@helenviolet I might try to learn Tunisian this year, trop. I hadn't thought of it specifically but it's something that makes really beautiful work and I'd intended to learn it at some point. that would be a good goal.

Is there a particular charity that you want to raise money for?

helenviolet 1 Like


Theres a wonderful charity in the area where I live who provide counselling and promote mental health awareness, I would love to help them out :)

marilyn watson
marilyn watson

I commit to another year of crocheting.It helps keep my mind busy and helps with the depression and my long term health problems.I shall also teach someone to crochet if they wish so passing on my knowledge.


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