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Yesterday I shared with you my commitment to crochet blogging dans 2013. I shared what I want this blog to be all aboutnamely that I will continue to use my skills in writing and research to support and strengthen the crochet community while providing information about all aspects of crochet and specifically those areas that are underreported in other forums.

Crochet Concupiscence in 2013

Today I wanted to give you more of an idea about what you can expect from the upcoming 2013 posts on Crochet Concupiscence. À bien des égards, you can expect a lot of what you’ve already been seeing from me but I’ve got a few new series to announce for this year so hold on to your (crochet) chapeaux!

Continuing Weekly Series

You may or may not have realized it but there are certain types of posts that I always try to do on certain days of each week so that you as readers can count on them. Several of those series will be continuing in 2013 exactly as they’ve been in the past. You can expect:

  • Crocheter des profils d'artistes. Every Monday I try to share the work of a crochet artists. 2013’s Mondays will be no different!
  • Crochet Design Project. I am still working on sharing the crochet work in the lines of 50 top fashion designers. When that series comes to an end I’ll continue to use Thursdays on this blog to share crochet fashion news as well as my own Style Posts showing how to wear and style your own crochet garments. This will be the new incarnation of last year’s series called 365 Façons de porter le Crochet.
  • Crochet lien d'amour! Every Saturday I share a roundup of all of my favorite articles and items that other crochet bloggers shared throughout the week. It’s a service I try to provide to this community and is something many readers love. Those posts will indeed be continuing in 2013.

Weekly Series with Slight Changes

A few of my regular weekly posts are going to be changing slightly in 2013. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Cette année, An dernier, L'année précédente. Tout au long de 2012 I did myIl y a un anseries posts on Sundays. In these posts I reviewed everything that I’d shared on the blog in that same week in 2011 and provided updates where I could. It would be unreasonable to think I’d could continue this in the same way as the blog moves into a new year. Cependant, I want to keep the spirit of these posts. I’ll be doing that on Sundays with a new series in which I share a few highlights of the week from 2011 et 2012 plus a few of the most important things in crochet news for the same week in 2013. I’m excited about this new change and hope you like these posts as they develop.
  • Série histoire de crochet. Dans 2012 I did a series of posts about 1970s crochet designers. I’ll still be following up on writing more of those as time goes on but it won’t necessarily be a weekly series. In its place on Wednesdays youll find a new series related to crochet history. More details to come on that shortly!!
  • Crochet de rafles. I’ll continue sharing regular posts rounding up popular crochet patterns, inspiration for your own crochet, the best crochet in certain niches, etc.. Of course I’ll continue this!

Crochet for Health and Wellness

I really believe strongly about the health benefits of crochet, not only for those who are ill but also for people who just want to improve their total mind-body wellness. I’ve always written posts about this topic but I’ll be doing some more focused writing to provide you with more information about crochet for wellbeing. You can expect weekly posts on this topic in 2013. PLUS I’m soon going to announce my next big project and it’s in this area as well. There will be weekly Friday posts related to that project, trop.

Remarque: If this topic interests you then you may also want to join the Crochet a sauvé ma vie Ravelry groupe.

Et bien plus encore

And of course I’ll continue providing other types of crochet news and information including the latest in books, ceux qui ont au crochet, crochet de charité, crocheting around the world, etc.. In addition to the posts that you find about those things on my blog, you can keep up on what I’m enjoying in crochet by following me on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Valerie ou G .

Is there something you would especially like to see more of on Crochet Concupiscence in 2013? Share your opinions in the comments!


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  1. You’re always so busy with your blog writing KathrynI don’t know how you do it. Merci de partager tout ce que vous faire. 🙂

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  3. Ooh, aah, I can’t wait for the style posts. I am so styling challenged :).

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