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While the blog was busy moving from one host to the other this week, I was busy continuing to read all of the other great crochet blogs out there. Voici mon tour d'horizon de tous les meilleurs postes dans tous les domaines de crochet blogs de la semaine dernière. (Et par la manière, Revenez demain pour quatre nouveaux “crochet attribution du blogueur” annonces, which will catch us up on the days missed while the blog was in transition.)

Something Special

I don’t think I’ve mentioned it before on this blog but if you haven’t ever checked out the Crochet University page on Maggie’s Crochet site then you should. She’s organized lots of great links to a variety of different things including charities that accept crochet, crochet masters past and present and crochet stitch tutorials.

Crochet Cadeaux

  • Crochet Aujourd'hui is giving away a copy of 100 Flocons de neige à crochet. Deadline to enter 12/26
  • The Making Spot is giving away a subscription to the new Simply Crochet Magazine. Date limite: 12/10
  • Win Your Wishlist. You can create a wish list of Craftsy classes you’d like to take for a chance to win $250 in classes. Date limite 12/28.

Puce crochet articles

Crochet Livres

Belles Articles crochet

crochet christmas ornaments 400x573 Crochet Link Love: Best Posts of the Week

I’m adoring the tournesol crochet décorations de Noël that were shown on @purlbee.

christmas crochet snowflake 400x266 Crochet Link Love: Best Posts of the Week

Apparently I’m in the mood for colorful crochet Christmas decor because I’m also loving these snowflakes from Selon Matt

plastic crochet beanbag 400x400 Crochet Link Love: Best Posts of the Week

These are crochet plastic beanbags made by the women of the Trochet project. 100% recycled material.

crochet camera cozy Crochet Link Love: Best Posts of the Week

That’s the cutest camera cozy I’ve ever seen. Via Las Teje y Maneje.

How Tos

Crochet Patterns

Crochet Citation de la semaine

Crocheting gifts is not just for the gift recipient but also provides enjoyment for the giver as they create a unique present that the recipient will treasure.” – Toni Rexroat


Crochet artist Olek recently made a social statement in her signature crochet.


Autres Crafty Stuff

  • Schact Coccinelle et Sidekick Rouets. WEBS shared some information about these two spinning wheels which I just recently learned a little bit from SpinChat
  • Emma Agneau shared her pretty studio in photos. Aimer!
  • Streetcolor shared how yarnbomber Adriana Turmero put up 37 yarnbombs that were immediately taken down by her city (Madrid).

Et Certains Merci spécial

Tout d'abord, I meant to include a thanks last week to Gwen Blakley Kinsler for the nice words she said about me at the start of the interview she did on her site. Elle a dit, “Parfois, une personne de stand-out arrive dans une version en ligne d'un cocktail et le partage de nos intérêts / passions et connaissances crée une sorte de déclic qui résonne avec le coeur. Kathryn Vercillo est que “clic” pour moi.” Super sweet!

Bonne lecture!

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Anastacia Knits
Anastacia Knits 1 Comme

thanks so much for including my shawl design! it's great to have some publicity about it!

Fruitful Fusion
Fusion fructueuse 1 Comme

Thank you so much for mentioning the trochet bean bags!!! J'apprécie vraiment votre soutien!

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