2012 Crochet génial Blog Awards: Meilleur projet de Blog

Roulement de tambour s'il vous plaît … The winner of the best crochet blog project of 2012 est:

* Marinke Slump of A Creative Being for the Weekly Mandala Project *

Best Crochet Blog Project Award

Today’s awesome crochet blogger award is for the best crochet blog project of 2012. Par “blog projectI’m referring to some type of ongoing series or type of posts that a blogger does consistently over a period of time, something readers can count on to keep coming back to and getting inspired by.

Sur le gagnant

Marinke Slump, AKA WinkieFlash, is the blogger behind Un être créatif where she writes about all things crochet and a little about knitting and other crafts. She is a crochet pattern designer. Une des choses que j'aime à son sujet est qu'elle a un style qui est facile à reconnaître, en termes de son travail au crochet et la façon qu'elle le présente (à l'aide de polices uniques, une palette de couleurs homogènes, etc..) Retrouver sur Facebook et Ravelry Voir plus de ce que je veux dire. What I think she really deserves as a 2012 prix pour, Bien que, is her Weekly Crochet Mandala Project where each week she shows us her inspiration and then shares the crochet mandala she’s created inspired by that. It launched in October and I’m in love with the series.

3 Le gagnant remporte des raisons

Nombreux, many bloggers have done terrific blog projects this year including CALs, weekly craft schools, tutorial series and more. I picked Marinke’s Weekly Mandala Project because:

  1. It kicked off with a great launch. A Creative Being did an amazing CAL using the beautiful overlay crochet mandala pattern by an Etsy designer. This encouarged people to purchase a great unique pattern, to crochet together using what was a new technique for many people and also got attention for Marinke’s mandala making skills. Later Marinke also gave us her own crochet mandala patron gratuit. This all helps her get known as a great crochet mandala maker, which gives great attention to the weekly series itself.
  2. It is a unique project. You really don’t see too many crochet mandalas. (I know because I had to hunt hard to do my roundup earlier this year of au crochet, modèles de mandala!) I also can’t think of another project this year where a crochet designer specifically shared her inspiration and what she made from on it on this type of simple weekly basis.
  3. Her work, and the photos for the posts, are just beautiful. I love seeing the images that she chooses for her inspiration. It reminds us that we can get crochet inspiration from just about anywhere! I love seeing the clear photos of her finished mandalas. And I really love the photos she does where she places the inspiration side by side with the finished item in the same picture.
It didn’t affect my choice of winner in any way but I want to give a special thanks to Marinke for letting me interview her this year to include her story in Crochet a sauvé ma vie and also for inviting me to be one of her first blog sponsors.

Qu'est ce Crochet Blog Award?

Ne sais pas ce que ce prix est tout au sujet? Il est l'un des mes récompenses annuelles de blogger au crochet, donnés sur ce blog chaque jour de décembre de chaque année. Apprendre tout ça ici.

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6 Commentaires:

  1. Woohoo!! Way to go Wink!!

  2. I’ve been following this project, trop – the mandalas are great! Congratulations to Marinke!

  3. Wooo congratulations Wink! Well deserved indeed! I’m loving this series of blog awardssome fantastic links to new discoveriesand now I have just noticed that I can download your book to my Kindleyou know what I shall be reading tonight :) Thanks so much for all this inspiration Kathryn, hugs, Jill x

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