Vue d'un Crafter: 5 Avantages de Crochet pour la dépression

par Kathryn sur Novembre 15, 2012 · 2 Commentaires

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I have written many times about the health benefits of crochet and how it helped me in my own battle with depression. But my view isn’t the only one that counts, Bien sûr, and I always love seeing how other people phrase it when they talk about how crochet has helped them in their own struggles.

A little while back Tangle with Tami had a blog post that I noticed because it actually mentioned one of my posts about crochet for depression. Tami articulated her own struggle as she was going through a really tough time. Here are five things she said about how crochet was helping her:

  1. Picking out the perfect yarn with the perfect colors is comforting.
  2. The repetition of counting helps with the OCD tendencies.
  3. The feel of the yarn soft in one hand and metal hook in the other gives me a sense of order.
  4. It gives me a great feeling of self-worth to be able to do something productive in the face of depression.
  5. Being creative, that is my soul.

These things all ring true for me and it’s very validating to hear other people saying them as well. How has crochet helped you through a difficult time?

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I know where you are coming from, it helps with my depression....


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