Crochet Gap de ponts entre les détenus et de la communauté

Inmates at a prison in Oklahoma are able to join a program where they crochet items for charity. It’s called The Bridge Project and the name explains how crochet can connect communities.

Prison Crochet

I have written several articles in the past about crochet in prisons. There are so many avantages to having a crochet program in a prison. Those benefits include:

  • Offers a productive way for inmates to spend time
  • The programs are almost always crocheting items for charity so it’s a way to give back to the community
  • Self-esteem improves thanks to learning a skill
  • Participation in the group is usually considered a privilege so it encourages good behavior
Plus there are all of the general avantages de crochet that make it great for anyone.

James Crabtree Prison Crochet Program

James Crabtree Correctional Center in Helena, Oklahoma has a crochet program that’s called The Bridge Project. Inmates use donated yarn and hooks to make items for people in need in their communities. Some of the items that they crochet include:

  • Blankets for the elderly in local care centers
  • Toys for needy children, including Christmas gifts
  • Items for people who have suffered a loss from a natural or economic disaster
  • Items for caregivers of the needy
So why is the program called The Bridge Project? The idea that is that they can “bridge the gap between society and the offenders”. Crochet connects people in communities in so many ways. Prison crochet programs can be one of those forms of connection, a safe way for inmates to give back to their communities.
pinit fg en rect gray 28 Crochet Bridges Gap Between Inmates and Community

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