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Donna Rutledge-Okoro est un crocheter qui se déplace de façon transparente entre l'art, commerce et de la conception. She sells her patterns on Ravelry and Etsy. She shows her finished items on Etsy as well as on her own blog. And she does yarnbombing and public art, including recently displaying a crochet-covered Smart car at the Birmingham Museum of Art.

Donna Rutledge-Okoro

Donna Rutledge-Okoro has been blogging about her crochet work since 2004. She opened an Etsy store in 2008 where she sells her crochet patterns and finished items, most of which are accessories and several of which have cool innovative style with an urban edge. Okoro began yarnbombing in 2010. Some of her yarnbombed chairs were placed on display in 2011 at the Jennifer Harwell Gallery and most recently she was commissioned to do some yarnbomb art for the Birmingham Museum of Art. She also teaches crochet. I love that she is immersed in so many different aspects of the business of crochet!

Donna Rutledge-Okoro Art

crochet smart car Crochet Artist Donna Rutledge Okoro

crédit photo: Mark Almond, Birmingham News, click through to see full slideshow

I learned about this artist from a article de journal reporting on her yarnbombed Smart Car. It explains that she’s crocheted functional pieces for a long time but was inspired by Olek’s work to start yarnbombing about two years ago. She left her crochet yarnbombs on benches in parks. She then went on to yarnbomb the dog statues at a local park, covering them with hats and scarves that the homeless in the area could remove and actually make use of.

yarnbomb horse 400x304 Crochet Artist Donna Rutledge Okoro

One thing I really love about her yarnbombing is that she includes an identifying tag with a QR code sur elle. This allows people to use mobile technology to scan the card and find out more about her art and designs. I think this is such a smart thing for public artists to do with their work!

crochet yarnbombing Crochet Artist Donna Rutledge Okoro yarnbombing crochet 400x387 Crochet Artist Donna Rutledge Okoro

The Birmingham Museum of Art reached out to her to ask her to yarnbomb the Smart Car, which belongs to a board member, in conjunction with their show called Warhol and Cars: American Icons. Her work was on display there last month.

See more yarnbomb art photos from Donna on Flickr

Donna Rutledge-Okoro on Etsy

The artist/ designer uses the name MsSunflwr on Etsy and has a shop there that she calls Knots and Loops. She sells finished items, crochet patterns and crochet kits.

convertible crochet cowl hat 400x271 Crochet Artist Donna Rutledge Okoro

One design that I really love from her shop is the Tughari, où elle explique les moyens “Modifier la position” en Igbo. La pièce peut être porté comme un bonnet ou converti à un capot. Donc innovante! Plus it’s a unisex design. Les modèles de la marque sont aussi disponibles sur Ravelry. Trouver son ici.

D'autres similaires crochet Artistes

crochet tractor Crochet Artist Donna Rutledge Okoro

Donna Rutledge-Okoro dit qu'elle obtient son yarnbombing inspiration Olek

SmartCar MagdaSayeg 300x217 Crochet Artist Donna Rutledge Okoro

Même si elle fait référence à Olek, son travail me rappelle plus de yarnbomb artiste Magda Sayeg, surtout depuis Sayeg a travaillé avec la marque Smart Car. Sayeg a également fait une carrière d'art commercial de yarnbombing.

yarnbombing chair 400x484 Crochet Artist Donna Rutledge Okoro

Ses chaises yarnbomb me rappellent certains que j'ai vu récemment sur le Blog fil de bombardement

pinit fg en rect gray 28 Crochet Artist Donna Rutledge Okoro
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Ce site est fantastique. Je suis si contente que vous aimez crochet!
Je n'ai pas grand chose à dire, donc je vais m'arrêter là xD


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