Crochet Art for Papergirl SF

Usually on Mondays I share a profile of a crochet artist. Aujourd'hui, Bien que, I’m going to share with you some of the crochet art that I worked on recently for a submission to Papergirl SF. Remarque: most of the pieces I created are shared here in this post but a few that didn’t make into this post will be shared later today on my personal blog, Journal d'une nana intelligente.

About Papergirl SF

Papergirl SF is a local community art project. Anyone who creates art can submit pieces to the project at no cost. The pieces are hung in a group show at a local gallery for a short period of time. Then the pieces are taken, rolled up together with other people’s pieces and delivered to the public as a form of sharing art. How are they delivered? Bicycle messengers take a route through the city and offer them to pedestrians interested in seeing new local artwork. I love large scale community art projects and want to start getting my art out there more so this was a perfect opportunity for me to create and submit new pieces of crochet artwork.

About My Submission

I did two different types of submissions for Papergirl SF 2012. First I used remnants of various crochet motifs that I had from previous projects and worked them into 3D suclptural crochet art pieces. I completed 17 of those sculptural art pieces and that was the bulk of my submission. Then I took photographs of those finished pieces and used an online photo editor to manipulate those photos into creative new 2D versions of art and copies of those pictures made up the rest of my Papergirl SF submission.

The 3D Pieces

I really enjoy playing around with crochet artwork. Ever since I put a delay on Emmailloter I’ve been playing around with various individual pieces using the various motifs and random 3D pieces I’d crocheted while I was inspired about that project. Here are some of the 3D crochet art pieces I submitted for the Papergirl SF art show/ project.

3d crochet art 400x498 Crochet Art for Papergirl SF

autumn crochet art Crochet Art for Papergirl SF

crochet butterfly art Crochet Art for Papergirl SF

crochet flower art Crochet Art for Papergirl SF

crochet art layers Crochet Art for Papergirl SF

blue crochet art Crochet Art for Papergirl SF

The Photographic Pieces

I am increasingly interested in online photographic manipulation. I like taking the simple tools available in online editors and changing a piece of artwork that I’ve photographed into something totally different. Here are some of those pieces I created for Papergirl SF:

flowerart 400x267 Crochet Art for Papergirl SF

crochet art print 400x397 Crochet Art for Papergirl SF

identity 400x594 Crochet Art for Papergirl SF

crochet butterfly 400x453 Crochet Art for Papergirl SF

art 400x517 Crochet Art for Papergirl SF

Do you play with crochet art or only make functional pieces?

pinit fg en rect gray 28 Crochet Art for Papergirl SF

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