Spécial 24 Heure vente sur le crochet a sauvé ma vie

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dans Mes livres de crochet

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En l'honneur de la Journée internationale Crochet Je propose une 30% rabais sur mon nouveau livre, Crochet a sauvé ma vie.

An International Crochet Day Sale

Journée internationale Crochet est tout au sujet de la célébration de l'engin formidable de crochet. C'est ce que le livre est sur, trop. Il partage l'histoire sur l'histoire de la valeur de crochet. En savoir plus sur the book here. En savoir plus sur International Crochet Day here.

This is a 24-hour sale that starts at 12:01 am on September 12, 2012. It will last all day to celebrate International Crochet Day. The sale ends at midnight the same day. En d'autres termes, you have to get the deal by midnight tonight! That’s all PST, au fait, because I’m based in California.

Here are five good reasons to buy the book today:

  1. It celebrates crochet and so should you!
  2. You’re supporting an indie author who has worked hard to lend her support to the whole crochet community.
  3. People are loving the book so you might, trop. Read reviews by Laurie Wheeler, Lara of Thornberry et Selena of Crochet Kitten.
  4. It’s a rare chance to get 30% off of this new title.
  5. Christmas will be here before you know it so this is a great opportunity to stock up early on books as gifts for the people you love.

How to Get the Discount

To get your 30% discount code, visite la page de vente principal. Add the book(s) you want to your cart. Before checking out, enter the discount code: ZJDN7QDH in theapply discountbox.

Spread the Word

Since this is a short-length sale I can really use the help getting the word out about it. It’d be awesome if you could share this on social media, blogs and by word of mouth.

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