Crocheter accélérations larmes dans des temps difficiles (histoire vraie)

I received a lovely email recently from Terry who had just finished reading my book, Crochet a sauvé ma vie. She shared her own story about how crochet has helped her through a very difficult time in life. I wanted to share what she said with you today (with her permission of course) because I truly believe that our individual stories are very powerful and sharing them is beneficial for ourselves and others.

Terry’s Story

Selon ses propres mots, here’s what Terry shared with me:

I just finished reading your book and enjoyed it very much. The only story I could not read was Em’s story. It is too close to my present situation. My husband lost his job and is continuing to look. Getting laid off was very hard on both us because we are too young to retire and too old to start over. De plus,, I am legally blind and profoundly hearing impaired and felt totally helpless. I can’t work and if we lose everything cause we can’t find a job, I can’t do anything about that either. Who in the world would hire a deaf/blind person when a normal person couldn’t find a job? All I did was crochet, cry and pray. The crying got so bad that eventually that was all I did and began to really get down about things. Ruminating about everything. My husband made a comment to me that he was extremely concerned about my being down all the time. He said, “You are down and down all the time.I came to the conclusion that he didn’t need me in a mess. I already had two crochet projects going and decided to up the ante on the crocheting. Now while my husband is busy looking for work, I am busy crocheting. Sometimes I crochet till my hands hurt but I am not crying. I can even laugh. So my mantra now is ‘we’re going to get a job, we’re going to get a job. Crochet and pray, pray and crochet. But I am not crying. The other benefit is, that even if I lose all my vision and all my hearing, I can still crochet.

Crochet Helps

I am proud of Terry for finding strength in her own creativity and for sharing her story. She shows here how crochet can help us in so many ways y compris:
  • Crochet helps break the negative cycle of rumination that is common in depression.
  • Crochet gives you a break so that you can become your calmer, better self.
  • Crochet is something that you can do for yourself when you can’t really do anything else.
  • Crochet helps you feel productive and useful even when you are struggling with impairments.
  • Crochet helps you to find your own center so that you can be a stronger person for those in your life who need you!

Terry’s Story Reminds Me Of

Terry mentioned that she felt a deep connection with Em’s story from Crochet Saved My Life. Em, owner of the Etsy store nothingbutstring, went through a prolonged period of later-in-life unemployment that led to depression and problems with low self-esteem. Crochet helped to pull her out of that. So I can see how Terry would connect with Em.

Cependant, her story also reminds me of another story in the book: Liza’s. Liza souffre d'une maladie non diagnostiquée, éventuellement MS, qui lui cause de découvrir périodiquement cécité temporaire. Crochet l'a aidée à faire face à l'anxiété et le stress qu'elle éprouve pendant ces moments, parce qu'elle sait que si elle peut crocheter aveugle, alors elle peut faire autres aveugles de choses aussi bien. Il lui donne un sentiment de compétence et calmer cette batailles l'anxiété de la situation.

Thanks for sharing your story Terry! If anyone else has a story they would like to share, please feel free to use the contact form on this site to send it to me!

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  1. Reading this story has made me think of exactly why I crochet. I mean I love to do it but at the same timeI also tend to do it more when I am stressed. There are times when I don’t have a project in mind but I must crochetwhen I am done I usually end up taking it apart. Sharing these stories I think brings everyone in the crochet community together.

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