4 Raisons Crochet aidé une personne souffrant de TOC

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L'un des chapitres que je couvre en Crochet a sauvé ma vie est de savoir comment crochet peuvent aider les gens qui sont aux prises avec un trouble obsessionnel-compulsif (TOC). Je passe par un grand nombre des avantages connexes de crochet, mais ne serait-il pas plus logique de l'entendre de quelqu'un qui a été là? C'est pourquoi je suis heureux de voir un post sur le livre récemment sur le Mad fantaisie partager la véritable expérience personnelle de l'utilisation de crochet pour aider à la condition blogue.

Mad santé de fantaisie

Mad fantaisie explique dans le poste:

“J'ai vécu avec la dépression épilation et-lune, troubles anxieux, et toujours présent TOC depuis que j'étais un adolescent, commençant à peu près 1985. La plupart du temps ces problèmes de santé mentale sont en mode hibernation mais ils réapparaissent toujours, coïncidant souvent avec des périodes de ce que j'appelle Bad Head Days: those are days in which either I’m migraining or the ever-present occipital neuralgia headache is unignorable and untreatable.

4 Ways Crochet Helped

Mad Whimsy talks a lot about the many reasons that crochet made sense as a healing tool for her. I hope you’ll read her full post to learn all about it but I’ve pulled out four major reasons to highlight here:

  1. Counting stitches + invisible patterns made by hands twirling and swooping through the air = a very happy activity for one with OCD.
  2. Many of us with OCD also like repetitive movements and crochet affords many types of repetition.
  3. It’s easy for a wandering mind to get lost in the movements of the stitches and the feel of the yarn slipping through the fingers the same way a thousand times an hour.
  4. I wasn’t creatively juicy enough to make things out of thin air, but something was itching at the back of my mind to make quelque chose. So crochet, with its seemingly exact instructions, could tell me step by step how to make something without my needing to flex a creative muscle that had all-but atrophied from lack of use.

I especially like that last point. Crochet provides endless opportunities for creativity when you’re feeling like being self-expressive but it also offers easy-to-follow patterns that make it possible to create something even when you don’t feel creative at all. This is useful for people during any fallow period regardless of whether or not they’re dealing with such issues as OCD or depression.

Keeping the Hands Busy

Mad Whimsy doesn’t mention this issue specifically but I wanted to point out that crochet can also be a great way to keep the hands busy, which is helpful for many OCD symptoms. A lot of people with OCD (but not all, bien sûr) engage in destructive physical habits like hair pulling, skin picking, nail bitting, excessive handwashing, etc. Activities like crochet can keep the hands busy while the individual works on stopping those behaviors.

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