Nouvelle robe crochet: Nuances de mauve

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I’ve made a new crochet dress for myself so I thought I’d share some photos. It’s done with several different stitches and several purple yarns.

purple crochet dress New Crochet Dress: Shades of Purple

The top portion is done with post stitches and worked in Karabella Aurora Melanage yarn which is an extrafine merino. The solid purple is done in treble crochet stitch and is Patons Silk Bamboo. And the side panels are done in Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sport yarn and worked in ribbed hdc.

crocheted dress New Crochet Dress: Shades of Purple

The top of the dress isn’t crooked like it looks like in that photoI was just twisting funny to show off that side panel. Cela dit, there are some quirks about this dress, which is what happens because I work dresses without patterns in mind. So there are some things I love here and some things I’d tweak.

I love the cowl neck on this dress and the sleeveless shape of the top. I dislike that the post stitch section ends at an awkward place in mid-bust and I’d make it end right below my bust if I re-did it. I’d also add a band of some other design before starting in on the purple panel to create a more defined empire waist on the dress.

I love the idea of those triangular side panels. I don’t like how they came out looking on me because the shape makes me look wider instead of flattering me like I thought it would. (I cheated it in the photos so you can’t really tell how wide it makes me look.) I now know to start the triangle down lower to alter the shape to a more slimming design. Je pense que je dois aussi faire la part violet augmenter un peu vers le bas plutôt que de rester totalement rectangulaire à améliorer la forme globale de la robe.

Je suis indécis ou non J'aime le mélange de tissus. Le bambou de soie est un fil de mes préférés, mais je ne suis pas sûr que cela fonctionne pour moi avec les laines. Peut-être qu'il ne. Je ne suis pas sûr de savoir comment je me sens à ce sujet pour l'instant.

Conseils ou des idées sur les moyens d'améliorer sur cette conception de crochet?

pinit fg en rect gray 28 New Crochet Dress: Shades of Purple
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