Crochet multiforme Edgy artiste Ty Tham

J'ai récemment mis en vedette la pièce wearable art bondage unique disposant de Ty Tham sur Etsy (indiqué ci-dessus). Il y a beaucoup plus à cet artiste que juste les ventes Etsy, Bien que. He does multifaceted work in a number of mediums including crochet.

More About Artist Ty Tham

Ty Tham is a multimedia artist who graduated with a BFA from Oakland’s California College of the Arts in 2011. He has been a part of group exhibitions every year since 2007 and has had solo exhibitions in different mediums in 2008, 2009 et 2011. In addition to his experience in crochet, Tham is skilled in embroidery, tricot, courtepointe, couture, fiber sculpture, weaving and dye technology. That’s in addition to his other artistic skills like block printing. Tham has received numerous awards and was featured in the final issue of Fiber Arts magazine published Summer 2011.

Crochet from Ty Tham

The bondage piece previously shown from Tham is a crocheted piece that is part of his recent Suspended in Dust exhibition. This collection is all about the isolation of being an individual in society and about gaining power or control temporarily in that situation. It’s called Craving Mastery Over His Cardinal Shell. Another crochet piece from that collection is Flesh is for Hacking, a piece that combines crochet with other techniques including coiling and Peruvian wrapped hemp.

Flesh is For Hacking

He has also done other wearable bondage pieces using crocheted rope, like the Taurean Restraint, the shape of which is inspired by the bull symbol for the Taurus astrological sign:

Taurean Restraint

Other pieces of Tham’s hint at this same restrictive structure but are more wearable in a fashion sense. Par exemple, I really like his 2010 Asymmetrical Harness made of crocheted cotton:

Asymmetrical Harness

And I’m also a fan of one of his Etsy pieces, the Crocheted Medieval Armature Inspirired Cowl Scarf:

Crocheted Medieval Armature Inspirired Cowl Scarf

I think what I love about Tham’s work, besides that it incorporates some unique approaches to crochet in combining it with other crafts, is the way that he explores this edgy area of personal struggle with historical references.

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