Crochet Etsy Treasury: Couleurs autour d'une mamie

‘Around the Granny Square par CrochetConcupiscence

La couleur d'un crocheter choisit pour la bordure que bords leurs carrés granny couvertures peut faire une énorme différence dans l'ambiance de la pièce. Jetons un coup d'oeil.

Colorful Handcrocheted Grann


Hand Crocheted Granny Square


Springtime Gorgeous Granny S


the colors in teal granny sq


Hand crochet red trimed gran


Turquoise granny square blan


Hand crochet Afghan,multi-co


Brown Eyed Susan Crochet Afg


Crocheted afghan kaleidoscop


Sunny Yellow baby blanket


Multicolor granny square bla


Desert Garden afghan


sunflower granny square lapg


Handmade Granny Square Afgha


big granny square afghan bla


What do you think is the best color to go around a colorful crochet granny square blanket? I love how blue looks but my tendency would be to go with either white or black because of the true pop of the colors against those. Encore une fois, my eye is absolutely drawn to those last two blankets where the multi-color approach is used.

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4 Commentaires:

  1. Oui, I find this to be a dilemma also. I guess the best thing would be what would work in with your decor. grey joining borders if you have a grey couch/ sofa for example. Or the best complimentary colour to your couch/bed. The black really appeals to me also but I don’t think it would work in my house as I have brown furniture.

    • @carolmckayau Good point. My living room color scheme is eccentric/eclectic (I’ve got a round purple couch, for starters) so I can play in there with some different stuff. My bedroom is mostly maroons and blacks so either of those colors would probably work for a blanket border for me in there. Fun to play with for sure.

  2. I think it depends on how you will use the finished granny blanket. Aussi, if you have a black and white cat like me, you will tend to avoid white and black even though they make the colors pop :).

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