Ce serait vous Charge pour ce D&Sac au Crochet G?

J'ai récemment fait un article ici sur le site sur Dolce & Gabbana crochet. Un des éléments dans cet article qui a reçu beaucoup d'attention est le sac au crochet de Miss Sicile.

Je pense que les gens sont tellement intéressés par ce sac car il ressemble beaucoup plus à la classique, astucieux crochet que nous sommes tous habitués à voir la main de dessinateurs et pourtant c'est un prix pour vendre à Neiman Marcus pour presque $3000.

Je vous demande donc … Si vous alliez faire un sac à main au crochet semblable à la main à vendre sur Etsy ou à un artisanat équitable, ce qui vous facturerait pour elle? Les dimensions sont 10″H x 14″W x 7″D; et c'est un sac doublé avec poche intérieure et une fermeture à glissière.

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9 Commentaires:

  1. ahh my fave. from your post. Have to get back to you on thatjust found this site. (awesome fashion stuff.) “Outstanding Crochet.blogspot .comHope I got that rightafter some of thegoodysI saw this morning this is Real Fashion :)… see ya gotta mop floors company 2morrow

  2. this site came through Crochetology.net……..

  3. lets see depending on type of fiber used and liner etc . Three to Four hundred. depending on my available market. Make Sense??? I do love it and it looks like (4 me) it would be used for many seasons and any reason. I am not a Purs-y girl. I make one and use it till it falls apart..LOL

  4. oh yeah hope your V-day is a happy one…(floor is dry, now to finishThe Laundrylove clean soft clothes but oh the agony of getting them to that stage….Plaisanterie, ya’ll know what I mean) :)

  5. I would change up the colors some, maybe make the Squares more Granny like.. Heck if someone paid me that kinda money I would make it any color or style they wanted if truth be known……

  6. It’s fascinating and somewhat infuriating how much people are willing to pay for something handmade IF it has a famous fashion designer’s name on it…. My husband was asking how much I might be able to charge for one of the Bags I’m designing for the Fresh Designs Bag book, “made by the designer, with hand-dyed yarn…” Unfortunately I still don’t think it would be worth the cost of materials + a decent wage for the time invested.

    It’s really not fair that Fashion Designers can put outrageous prices on something they didn’t even make themselves when the average crocheter is lucky to sell their finished items for 2 ou 3 times the cost of the materials, let alone a decent hourly wage. That’s one of the reasons I switched to trying to sell my designs rather than finished items.

    • @laurindar3 Great points! I actually don’t have a problem with the fact that designer brands make so much money. It’s absurd to me as a consumer because I wouldn’t pay that much for one item but at the same time I think there’s a market for everything. The people who are going to buy designer aren’t the same market as those buying handmade.

      The one thing I do worry about is whether or not big brands (regardless of whether or not they are designer) are paying their crocheters a fair wage. En fait, in that respect, I’d much rather pay a fortune for a designer crochet bag than one from a cheap chain because there’s a better chance that it’s not sweatshop labor.

      It is too bad for sure that it’s hard to make a living as an artisan these days but it does force us to be more creative to make products (livres, modèles, etc..) that are unique to the market. So there are two sides but I definitely hear ya!

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