Crochet-TOMS Shoes retour … and in Silver this Season

par Kathryn sur Février 16, 2012 · 5 Commentaires

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I personally love crochet-chaussures and shoes with crochet details although I don’t own any myself. Most of the ones that I love are crazy expensive (comme these from Gaultier) but the ones that my readers seem to like the best are actually the really affordable Crochet de TOMS shoes.

The crochet TOMS come out every spring / summer and they always seem to sell out really quickly. Each year they seem to offer a neutral color, a bright color and at least one other option. This year the bright color is fuchsia but what I really love is the new bonus color: argent. I think these TOMS are really classy.

The silver TOMS crochet shoes are not available in stores. They are only available online and only while they last. They’re listed (as are the other colors) pour $58 on the TOMS website.

Qu'en penses-tu?

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Joanne Q
Joanne Q

Oh, lovely! I haven't noticed them here in Australia. (But then I don't spend much time shopping.)


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