That Popular Pucci Crochet Dress Isn’t Crocheted

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Aujourd'hui Fashion Designer Crochet post is coming but it’s going to be a little later in the day. Dans l'intervalle, I wanted to share something that I learned recently because it relates to that project and is also posing a bit of a dilemma for me. It’s the fact that I recently found out that the popular Pucci crochet dress that I’ve mentioned numerous fois on this site turns out to not actually be a crocheted piece.

The Pucci Dress

pucci crochet That Popular Pucci Crochet Dress Isnt Crocheted

This dress has been one of the most popular designer crochet dresses to hit the media in the past year or so. It was worn on several magazine covers. LeAnn Rimes wore it to her wedding reception. And I’m actually using a photo of it as the logo for my Designer Crochet Project since it’s become so recognizable.

designer crochet11 228x300 That Popular Pucci Crochet Dress Isnt Crocheted

Turns Out This is a Knit Dress

Someone on Ravelry recently sent me a kind message saying that although she liked my fashion design posts, I should know that the dress that everyone is saying is crocheted is actually an openwork knit design. Now I’m the first to admit that I often can’t tell the difference between knit and crochet in person let alone online so I took her seriously but didn’t think a whole lot about it at first. Cependant, when I was walking through one of the casinos in Vegas, we happened to pass a Pucci store that had the dress in the window and it immediately caught my eye. I went up to the display and could instantly tell that indeed, this famous crochet dress isn’t crocheted at all.

The Dilemma: Most Designer “Crochet” May Not Be Crochet

Which brings me to my dilemmaI love writing about designer and celebrity crochet. I love seeing crochet on the runway. I love seeing the stars wearing crochet. I love my series exploring how crochet has been used by different designers over time. Cependant, what I’m calling crochet is sometimes probably not crochet, as turned out to be the case with the Pucci Dress. Remember that there is no crochet machine so all true crochet items have to be handmade. Sometimes designers do this and sometimes they use knitting machines to make an item look kind of crocheted. It’s super hard to tell in photos if the item is really crocheted or not.

Comme je le disais, I still sometimes can’t even tell in person (probably because I only crochet and don’t knit so I sometimes mistake knitwork for crochet stitches I don’t feel as familiar with and vice versa). Now I want to make sure that Crochet Concupiscence is a good, credible, legitimate source of information about crocheted items. Not that I’m opposed to anything knitted but this is a blog about crochet and I want that to stand out here. I don’t want to be putting up a bunch of information about knit items and calling them crochet when they aren’t, further confusing the online crochet community! And yet, I do want to publish info on these designer items even if I’m not 100% sure they’re crocheted because I want the info out there about items I like.

My Decision (But Your Feedback Desired)

Here’s what I’ve decided about the issue:

  • I will continue to post celebrity, designer and fashion crochet posts because I love them and want to share this stuff. I think items that toe the line between knit and crochet can still be great sources of crochet inspiration even if it turns out that they are knitted. That’s why I’m going to go ahead and keep the Pucci dress as the designer crochet logo for now even though I’ve learned that it’s knitted.
  • I will try to do better research into whether or not an item is truly crocheted before I post it but acknowledge that this is sometimes difficult information to get.
  • I will try hard to remember to include disclaimers in these types of posts saying a brief version of what I’ve shared here. I’ll probably use a link back to this post for brevity.
  • I encourage you (my readers) now and in the future to share your comments, thoughts and opinions when you see something on the site that you either know is knitted or think might be knitted rather than crocheted. J'AI do not take offense to being corrected when these situations come up. I want the correct information on this site and I feel that one of the best things about blogs is that readers with more knowledge and experience than me can share that knowledge to contribute to the information in our online community.
Your thoughts?
pinit fg en rect gray 28 That Popular Pucci Crochet Dress Isnt Crocheted

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2 Commentaires

I don't understand why designers aren't forthright about whether it's crochet or knit. Either way it's beautiful, and inspirational. I know you like things to be exact, so maybe you could call it something like "Inspirational Designer Crochet and Openwork (crochet like) Tricot". You know what I mean. You could come up with something better. And I know I wouldn't hold it against you having openwork knit. It does look like crochet, and they are trying to imitate crochet with those stitches,

A side note, it would be interesting to know which items are hand knitted or machine knitted that look like crochet. (I don't knit either).

CrochetBlogger Modérateur

@audreygiraudot Thanks for the great ideas!

I'm not actually sure if it's the designer who says that it's crochet. I think a lot of times it's the media. Or it ends up in press releases that get circulated. I know in this case there was a lot of buzz amongst the celebrity bloggers and many of them probably don't know the difference between crochet and knit. And this one really does look so much like crochet!

I'm always curious about who the crocheters are in those designer brands that are actually crocheted!


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