Un an auparavant en crochet (Et un blog anniversaire tranquille)

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dans Un an auparavant en crochet

crochet news  One Year Ago in Crochet (And a Quiet Blog Birthday)Olek, Vickie Howell, Coral Reef et Dolce et Gabbana tout en crochet

I just realized that I have been blogging here at Crochet Concupiscence for a year now. I knew that the one year birthday of the blog was coming up and had planned to do something special but then it kind of slipped by quietly (on January 15th). Ce n'est pas grave … in quiet honor of the blog’s special day I’m launching a new weekend featured showing what was happening on the blog this week one year ago.

Crochet d'art

charging bull crocheted agata olek 500x417 One Year Ago in Crochet (And a Quiet Blog Birthday)

The very first crochet artist that I profiled on this blog was Olek. Depuis, j'ai écrit au sujet de son travail formidable de nombreuses fois. Elle est toujours aussi fort, having just opened a brand new exhibit à Londres.

Crochet Livres

The very first crochet book that I reviewed here on this blog was Vickie Howell’s terrific Pop! Va Crochet. This book shows crochet inspired by pop culture. I’ve since seen lots of great crochet in this area including concepteur crochet et crochet on celebrities. J'ai aussi continué suivante Vickie Howell comme elle a blogué, shared crochet and knit patterns and launched her new yarn line Sheep(ish).

Crochet Nouvelles

Coral Crochet Exhibit 500x324 One Year Ago in Crochet (And a Quiet Blog Birthday)

A hyperbolique crochet récif was on display at this time last year in Salisbury, Royaume-Uni. This was when I started learning about the cool coral reef crochet project that has spread all the way around the world thanks to the hard work of Les Sœurs Wertheim. During this same week last year I also wrote about a cool hyperbolic crochet cactus garden.

Another news bit that happened at this time last year was that there was some concern that crocheters may be affected by the rising cost of yarn. This is still an issue of concern today; just last month KnitPicks explained why some of their yarn prices are going up.

Finally I wrote my first post about women crochet pour une cause. It was about a group of five elderly women who crochet together to donate to a variety of different causes.

Crochet Mode

dolce and gabbana miss charles crochet bag One Year Ago in Crochet (And a Quiet Blog Birthday)

I did my first designer crochet feature on this site during that first week of the blog’s launch. Il était d'informer les gens sur la Dolce et Gabbana crochet sac à main qui se vend à plus de $1300.

Crochet sur Etsy

Les caractéristiques de crochet Etsy que j'ai choisi pour ce site au cours de cette semaine de l'année dernière étaient:

etsy crochet One Year Ago in Crochet (And a Quiet Blog Birthday)

  1. Crochet Hat by DaisyEzyCraft
  2. Patchwork River Rock by StitchHappens7
  3. L'Alaska Warmer by Ozetta
  4. Calotte avec le bouton by CrochetDiva66
Voici quelque chose de nouveau à partir de ces magasins maintenant:
etsy crochet accessories One Year Ago in Crochet (And a Quiet Blog Birthday)
  1. Cloche Hat Crochet Pattern by DaisyEzyCraft
  2. StitchHappens7 is now closed
  3. Selawik Cowl Button Wrap in Pumpkin by Ozetta
  4. Purple Skullcap with Flower by CrochetDiva66

Crochet Quotes:

Les citations de crochet qui ont été présentés sur ce site au cours de cette même semaine l'année dernière étaient:

"Une boucle après une boucle. Heure après heure, ma folie devient crochet. La vie et l'art sont inséparables. " -Olek

“Tricot et le crochet est comme une thérapie pour beaucoup de gens.” – Janna Milbradt

The best part about it is it’s me actually believing in myself and seeing my talent as something useful that makes people happy. It’s not just making money, vous savez?” -M.L. Kinnel

"lacets de thé colorées, Accents victoriens, volants et tissus texturés comme point suisse et crochet reinforce this sense of vintage femininity.” -Marla Shavin

“I felt overwhelmed by the masses of circular creations that seemed to represent womankind’s challenge to answer the riddle of pi in neverending cotton lace.” -Sigrid Arnott

Here’s What I was Crocheting:

red crochet blanket One Year Ago in Crochet (And a Quiet Blog Birthday) Red Blanket crochet avec fleurs grises

pinit fg en rect gray 28 One Year Ago in Crochet (And a Quiet Blog Birthday)
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