Crochet Design Project: Calvin Klein

Thursday morning means it’s time for another segment of the Crochet Design Project. I’ll tell you a bit about today’s designer, look to see if they have any crochet in their collections and then highlight some favorite designer pieces that I wish a genius crocheter would re-work in crochet. After looking at Alexander McQueen et André Courrèges et Azzedine Alaia we’re now ready to look at Calvin Klein.

Fashion Designer Calvin Klein

Everyone knows the name Calvin Klein. Maybe you’re familiar with him because he brought jeans back into the limelight and made them stylish. Or perhaps you know him from those terrific sexy underwear ads featuring the plain white briefs that he breathed new life into. But what else do you know about him? My trusty book sur 50 créateurs de mode tells me that Klein is a Bronx-born designer who learned how to sew from his grandmother and took the skill straight to the Fashion Institute of Technology. He struck out on his own at the young age of 26, using a small loan to start his Calvin Klein Ltd. company. In addition to the jeans and undies, some of the things that Klein is known for include high-quality natural materials (comme Cachemire), minimalism and simple lines, muted colors and being the first to put his label on the outside of his jeans to develop his brand. Klein sold his company in 2003 but stayed on as a consultant through this year.

Crochet de Calvin Klein

The natural materials and muted tones that Klein is known for lend themselves well to crochet tops and dresses. The Calvin Klein brand has a few modern pieces of crochet and there’s a little bit of crochet in the history of the brand, trop.

Calvin Klein Women’s Open Crochet Sweater

Crochet Detailed Shirt

Calvin Klein Crochet Knee Socks

Calvin Klein Paired with Crochet

What I think is great about Calvin Klein is that his simple items work well as complementary pieces to handmade crochet items. You can put a crochet sweater on with his jeans and exhibit a true sense of personal style. Voici quelques exemples:

She Tiger Vintage Crochet Sweater with Calvin Klein Houndstooth Shorts

Crochet Bikini with Calvin Klein Denim Shorts (par l'intermédiaire Zorian’s Blog)


Calvin Klein Fashion Favorites

There are a few Klein pieces that I’d love to see remade in crochet by an ambitious designer:

1970’s Knit Wool Jumpsuit

1990’s Calvin Klein Cami

Wool Tweed Skirt That Would Look Lovely Reinvented in Crochet

Come back next week for a new installment of the Designer Crochet Project; we’ll be checking out Christian Dior crochet.

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