Crochet citation: Less (but better) Stuff

par Kathryn sur Décembre 1, 2011 · 1 Commentaire

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Aujourd'hui crochet quote is by Maria Bustillos from an article about Apple’s design philosophy. The article is complex but I pulled out this quote because (besides mentioning crochet) it presents this idea I like of where we’re at in today’s society when it comes to our material stuff.

These days, instead of Cobain we have got the bearded Brooklynites, like the Mast brothers with their beautiful chocolate. Painters and musicians looking to make a decent living at their art, rather than to get rich. People who want to grow their own food, or crochet their own bedspreads. To use less and have less, but to have more beautiful things, and more mindfully. Encore une fois, there are growing indications that the craftsmen are trying to bring things back to a more human, manageable scale.

I like the idea of having fewer things but more beautiful things. Pensées?

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