Mon Black Friday Crochet Liste de souhaits

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dans Crochet de vacances

I am not doing any Black Friday shopping this year. I’ve never been a Black Friday shopper which makes sense since I prefer handmade gifts, indie stores and online shopping from sites like Etsy. Encore, Black Friday n'obtient m'a fait penser à des vacances donc je pensais que je serais monté ma liste de souhaits crochet épris de ce que je voudrais trouver sous mon sapin cette année.

The top seven things I want for Christmas:

1. Oui.

Comme je l'ai mentionné plus tôt cette semaine, I really want to read this YA novel about two disabled boys who start a crochet business.

2. Verre Crochet.

glass crochet hook My Black Friday Crochet Wish List

I haven’t heard too many people say things about glass crochet hooks but I just think that they are so beautiful. Christmas gifts are all about getting the little things that you wouldn’t necessarily invest in yourself and that’s how I feel about glass crochet hooks. This one is from

3. Bamboo Crochet Hooks.

This is another type of crochet hook that I’d really love to add to my collection and hooking experience. I’ve heard wonderful things about bambou crochets My Black Friday Crochet Wish List and have never tried them before. It’s definitely on my To Try list even if I don’t get them for Christmas.

4. Baby Alpaca Yarn.

Ever since I went to the Festival de la laine Tucson and got my hands on some baby alpaca yarn I’ve been wanting more and more!

5. Malabrigo Yarn.

I am always eyeing the Malabrigo Yarn site and I almost never end up getting anything because the truth is that I don’t need to enlarge my stash right now. Cependant, if someone else thought my stash should be made bigger with Malabrigo, I certainly wouldn’t complain. Yarns Of Italy, Bonbons écheveau, and Lorna’s Laces are a few other yarn seller names I wouldn’t mind seeing on tags under my tree.

6. ArtBin Yarn Drum.

yarn bag 300x300 My Black Friday Crochet Wish List

I mentioned a few weeks ago that I think this item would be terrific for taking a crochet project with you on the go. I’m still wanting it. En fait, I saw one listed for auction on LISTIA and tried to get it but in the end I didn’t have enough credits to outbid people for it.

7. Natural Dyes and a Slow Cooker.

That’s because I want to take some time in 2012 to learn how to dye my own yarn to use in my crochet projects.

What do you want for Christmas this year?

pinit fg en rect gray 28 My Black Friday Crochet Wish List
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