Crochet dur et mou artiste Crystal Gregory

art invcroch01 Hard and Soft Crochet Artist Crystal Gregory

One of the core themes that many crochet-artistes study is the gender theme that runs through the craft of crochet. Typically women have been the ones to crochet, Bien sûr, and artists look at variations on what this means. Crystal Gregory is one of those crochet-artistes but she’s doing it in what feels to me like a fresh, new way. She is taking some lessons from YarnBombing and installation art and putting soft crochet doilies on to hard razor wire urban surfaces, exploring gender through this combination of softness and hardness. It’s a curious approach, one that she calls Invasive Crochet.

More about crochet artist Crystal Gregory

crochet art crystal gregory Hard and Soft Crochet Artist Crystal Gregory

De son site Web:

Currently living and working in New York, Crystal Gregory’s work has been written about in Velvet Park, ArtSlant et Kipton Art. She is a recent recipient of a grant from the New York City Department of Transportation for a public work in Brooklyn. Other shows include Art in Odd Places, Giacobetti Paul Gallery, Verge Art Fair, and recentlyFair Folks and a Goat New York Gallery. She is currently working with an architectural firm on permanent installations. She received her Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Oregon with a focus in Fiber Arts.

Crystal Gregory is a highly articulate person who does a great job of explaining her own work in several articles that are definitely worth exploring if this is an artist that interests you:

The rhythm of making and the repetition of stitches create a harmony within my art practice. Thread, dentelle, metal, and wood are the props of both individual domesticity and collective social networks. I join together the points where individual and social systems overlap, and where issues of sexuality, vitality, and death construct meaningful relationships, and find release(Little Yellow Birds).

Lace is my most valuable inspiration. The language of lace is complicated and delicate: modèle, fragility, negative space, sexe, class, non-functional, decorative. Its ability to reveal more than conceal.” (Velvet Park)

Other examples of Crystal Gregory’s crochet art

Foot Traffic, crochet granny squares artwork on chainlink fencing

art foottraffic03 Hard and Soft Crochet Artist Crystal Gregory

Foundation, crochet doilies over bricks that are lit from within

art foundations04 Hard and Soft Crochet Artist Crystal Gregory

On the Fence, a piece that extends eighty feet in length

art fence01 Hard and Soft Crochet Artist Crystal Gregory

The Waterpod Project, twine on iron installed on a boat

art waterpod04 Hard and Soft Crochet Artist Crystal Gregory

Crochet Graffiti

art crochgraf05 Hard and Soft Crochet Artist Crystal GregoryWhat’s your take? Partagez vos impressions dans les commentaires ci-dessous!

pinit fg en rect gray 28 Hard and Soft Crochet Artist Crystal Gregory

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