Uh OhWe Must Have Skipped a Stitch

Uh OhWe Must Have Skipped a Stitch!

The page that you are looking for is no longer here. There may be a few reasons for this:

  • It was completely out of date and it was deleted. Huge apologies that it’s not here anymore!
  • It originally went to an image only. There have been image database problems from older photos, which we are in the process of updating at this time.
  • It was replaced by updated information. Usually this doesn’t result in adeletebut if you think that’s the case then use the search function in the sidebar to the right to see if you can find it.

Here are some things on the site that you might be looking for:

Crochet patrones

Loads and loads of Crochet patrones incluyendo los patrones de ganchillo gratis


Links to many Tutoriales de ganchillo from basic through advanced

ganchillo salva vidas

Links to all of my articles on salud de ganchillo and how crochet saves lives

arte del ganchillo

Crochet art and crochet artists

libros de ganchillo

Reseñas de libros de ganchillo

may mandalas for marinke

Mandalas para Marinke remembrance project

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