Create A Healthy Relationship With Your Body Through Journaling


This is a guest post by Mari McCarthy who has written a book called Journaling Power: How To Create the Happy, Healthy, Life You Want to Live. Aunque no específico al crochet, it relates to many of the issues I care about in terms of using creative self-expression to heal yourself and improve your life. In my book, Gancho para sanar, I share tips for keeping a crochet journal and exploringyarn for thoughtquestions that are an aspect of journaling to heal. This dovetails nicely with what Mari shares here today.

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Share Your Crochet Story! Accepting New Interviews.


I had a backlog of crochet interviews for the longest time that I have finally almost completed. It is very important to me to give each interview my complete attention, even if that means it takes awhile to get it published. I firmly believe each story is important and that there is value in sharing it. And I’m ready to share more!

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Kierstin’s Crochet Mandalas for Marinke

kierstin crochet mandalas with ribbon

Kierstin shares her story about why she was moved to contribute crochet mandalas to the Mandalas for Marinke project.

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Pauline’s Crochet Mandalas for Marinke

pauline crochet mandalas for marinke

Today’s exquisite crochet Mandalas for Marinke come to us from Pauline of Making Polly.

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Mandala de ganchillo de Monique + Meditación Mandala

monique crochet mandala

Mandala de ganchillo de flores hermosas de hoy para los Mandalas para Marinke proyecto viene de Monique Lubberink de fácil atención plena del ahora, que es un one-woman-negocios en Nueva Zelanda, a través del cual da formación mindfulness, habilidades de atención plena como padres, talleres, etc.. Anteriormente trabajó en los países bajos como un psicólogo de adultos con TDAH y / o trastornos del espectro autista.

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