Sneak PeakCrochet WIP

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This is a pile of stuff I’m working on, adding to, re-designing these days. More details to follow on some of the individual pieces soon

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Como ganchillo? Follow these 10 Tweeps

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Every Friday on this blog I make a list of ten crochet-tweeting people to follow. Here they are for this week: @LTSNeedlework. Colleen Leader isFounder of LooseThreadStitchers.com, SYHO and Stella & Mimi. Needlework Insider & MomSpace columnist who loves social media & connecting with others.That’s why you should follow her! @crochetbug. Leslie Stahlhut […]

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Start a crochet conversation with these ten crochet lovers on Twitter.

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10 Ganchillo amantes en Twitter

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Looking for other crochet lovers on Twitter? Here are ten to get you started!

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10 Crocheters to Follow on Twitter

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Who should you follow on Twitter if you like crochet? Here are ten top suggestions.

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