7 Upcycling Ideas Using Mixed Media / Técnica mixta ganchillo

t-shirt dress crochet tutorial

Use your crochet skills to turn any ordinary object into a work of art. You can upcycle many things with crochet. And you can add crochet to a variety of other materials to create items that are both beautiful and functional. Here are new ideas for upcycling with crochet and incorporating crochet into mixed media.

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Crochet The Sky: A Variation on the Temperature Scarf

redrocker9 temperature scarf

The temperature scarf and its alternative the weather scarf are terrific crochet projects with many mental health benefits. El “crochet sky scarftakes this one step further.

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19 Projects Showcasing Plarn, Tarn and Other Alternative Material Crochet

plarn gift bag flower pattern

There are so many different items that you can use to crochet other than the traditional yarn and thread. Alternative material crochet includes crocheting with plastic bag yarn, hilado de t-shirt, jute twine and more. Aquí están 19 terrific crochet projects that showcase the beauty and versatility of alternative material crochet.

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Crochet Word of the Year (2016)

crochetquestionoftheday crochetwordoftheyear

Mandalas for Marinke posts resume tomorrow and then it’ll be mostly back to normal around here! Para hoy, let’s look at some inspiration for a crochet word of the year.

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15+ Espectaculares lámparas de ganchillo para iluminar su hogar

crochet lampshade tutorial

Ayer compartí mi pantalla de hilos de ganchillo YoolaDesign. Me recordó que de nuevo en 2012 Hice un resumen de las lámparas de ganchillo y he sentido a hacer un resumen fresco lo largo del año. Bueno, roundup es aquí. Usted encontrará patrones de lámpara de ganchillo, tutoriales y fotos inspiradoras aquí para inspirar su propia elaboración!

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