Meet Crochet Lover Aki of KnitPurlHook

knitpurlhook crochet motifs

Aki of KnitPurlHook is knitter and crocheter who loves to share what she makes with others. She taught herself both crafts using a combination of blogs, online tutorials and YouTube craft videos. You can find her under KnitPurlHook on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest y Ravelry. She also has a craft blog, where she shares that she lovestrying different patterns and imagining how to can be turned into wall art or home decor”. Her house is a bit like a gallery or museum of crochetsuch a pleasure to look at all she’s making!

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Meet Crochet Lover Holly of Holly_Pips

holly_pips crochet blanket

Holly of @holly_pips is a crochet lover living in Greenwich, Londres, where she’s a stay-at-home to Pip who thoroughly enjoys her family and her home. She’s currently pregnant with a little boy. It is so delightful to follow her on Instagram where she shares her children, her crochet and the other joys in her life.

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Conoce a Rachel Crocheter de GooseberryFool

gooseberryfool crochet amigurumi toys

Rachel, conocido como las @gooseberryfool de Rachel, es una mamá de cuatro que le encanta quedarse en casa con sus hijos y aprovecha cada oportunidad que ella puede para crochet, hacer y arte. Ella dice que ella tiene un esposo maravilloso. Y dice también (en Facebook) que ella "se inspiró para coser y crear mi mamá increíble, que lamentablemente ya no esté aquí. Me encanta crear artículos caseros para aquellos que te amo, y ahora deseo compartir algunas de mis marcas con usted".

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