Cura de ganchillo: Historia de Laura (Crochet for Connection)


Laura, who calls herself a warrior, loves dogs, lectura, a cup of tea and sitting around a campfire. When asked what the number one reason is that she crochets, she answers, “It is a part of me, like breathing. It is my Nona’s legacy, lived through me.”

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Cura de ganchillo: Emma’s Story of Crafting Through Chronic Pain


Emma S. has an as-yet-undiagnosed chronic pain condition that limits her daily activities, leaving crafting one of the only things that regularly brings her joy. She has found that even though it doesn’t fix her physical problems, it can take her focus off of them for long periods of time. And even though crafting doesn’t offer the kind of physical activity she would love to be doing, it does provide a positive alternative.

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Video: Benefits of Crochet and Knitting for Kids

heart crochet scarf

Loved seeing this video by Soham Craft Creations in which kids share the benefits of learning crochet

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