Cura de ganchillo: Interview with Andrea about Cancer and Crochet

crochet heals andrea - wips

Andrea Crocco-Varela is unable to have children after her battle with cancer, and so, she poignantly writes, “I use crochet to create something that may live after I’ve gone.” Learn more about this amazing woman from this interview, which was originally published in my monthly column (Cura de ganchillo) in Happily Hooked digital magazine, in the July 2016 tema.

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Endangered Animal Crochet Project

endangered animal crochet project

For awhile I’ve been trying to come up with a new blog project that I could get really excited about. I wanted something that would give me a reason to share more unique crochet patterns with you (since that is what so many people love) but also something that would feel really meaningful and inspiring to me. I finally came up with an idea that I am really excited about and I hope that you will be too. I’m calling it The Endangered Animal Crochet Project.

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Artists Threadwinners on the Benefits of Crochet + Contribute to a Project

crochet oak leaves art project

Crochet artist team Alyssa and Liz of Threadwinners share their thoughts on the health benefits of crochet and the general benefits they’ve each experienced. Plus info on a project you can collaborate on with them if you’re quick!

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Ganchillo dolor (Sheila’s Story)

crochet heals through grief interview

Sheila Zachariae became a widow before the age of 30, losing her young husband to a two-year battle with cancer. The fight was long and hard and she crafted her way through it, stitching a new life together as the old one fell apart around her. Here is Sheila’s story in her own words, followed by an interview about her crafty life.

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A Flower for Jenny: A Very Special Crochet Project for a Very Special Girl

a flower for jenny crochet

Today I wanted to make sure that you know about a request for crochet flowers from a very special girl n the crochet community.

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