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Crocheter Profile: Flo

por Kathryn en Agosto 28, 2014 · 0 Comentarios

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Flo has been sharing some of her crochet experiences with me recently via email and she said that I could share them on the blog.

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Issue #5 of Happily Hooked digital magazine is out now and has a new crochet health interview that I’ve done for my monthly column. This time I’ve interviewed Cynthia Maddox.

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Several of you offered generous donations of yarn to the veteran Joe that I wrote about on my blog a couple of weeks ago. I wanted to share an update from him

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I am currently writing a 6-past guest series over on Lion Brand Yarn about crochet health.

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It’s not a new idea; I found a tutorial for patchwork crochet quilts in a vintage crochet magazine.

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I wanted to share his story with you today because I find it inspiring and heartwarming. Joe can always use donations to help him create the items that he donates to people less fortunate than himself.

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I am currently running a crochet health survey to help us all gain more information about the benefits of crafting.

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