Crochet extrema: Olek’s Yarnbombed Housebecause everyone should have a home


Crochet artist Olek has worked on a number of extreme projects as well as some great collaborations. This work is both of those things.

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Decreasing Mental Health Stigma: A Story Told With Crochet Dolls

I was browsing through YouTube recently, looking for things related to crochet that aren’t just tutorials, and I was thrilled to come across this adorable video. The woman in it uses crochet dolls and the metaphor of zombies to encourage people to diminish the stigma of mental health issues like depression by talking about the experience.

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StudioTJOA Design Crochets with Construction Materials

lilypad crochet art

StudioTJOA is a fascinating design company that works on a lot of interesting high tech projects, such as a ThermalSwitch facade for building renovations, but they are committed to utilizing crafts of the past (incluyendo ganchillo). They use theseanalogtechniques directly in their projects as well as abstractly using them to inform their designs.

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