The Miniature Crochet Art inside eWoodStory Frames

crochet art pendants

Last fall I received a beautiful wooden jewelry frame from eWoodStory, which I filled with some textured crochet. I was happy with what I created, but it’s absolutely nothing compared to some of the stunningly beautiful works of art that have emerged inside of these little frames. They aren’t just filled with crochetpeople are filling them with embroidery and other stitchery as welland I swear every time I see a creation I think it’s better than the last.

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Una Lorenzen’s Yarn Documentary Features Fabulous Crochet Artists

yarn movie poster

Una Lorenzen’s documentary titled “hilado” takes a look at knitting and crochet artists around the world and the interesting work that they are doing with needles, hooks and yarn. The film debuted at SXSW to mixed reviews but looks worth a watch to me.

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