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Hola! I’m Kathryn Vercillo and this is my crochet blog. It’s also your crochet blog. It’s designed to offer you a wealth of information about all aspects of crochet. I hope you’ll take the time to poke around and see all that there is to see here.

About Me

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I am a Tucson-born, San Francisco-based writer and crochet lover. YO Aprendí a hacer ganchillo De my mom when I was a child, although I didn’t stick with the craft at the time. I re-discovered crochet in my late twenties, when I was going through a really difficult bout of depression. It helped me to heal, connected me to a great community and became a key part of my life. I started this blog to celebrate crochet and to do my part to help connect and honor all of the designers, crafters, writers and makers who are linked to crochet in some way.

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My Focus: Healing Through Crochet

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I write about all things crochet-related but my personal niche focus is on exploring how crochet can help heal people and improve their quality of life. En 2012 I published a book, Ganchillo salvó mi vida About, which is about the mental and physical health benefits of the craft. I share my own story of crafting through depression as well as the stories of two dozen other women who crocheted to heal from a variety of conditions and situations. I always welcome new stories to share about this. I write a monthly column about crochet health for Happily Hooked Online Magazine and have published articles on the topic in a variety of print and online publications. See my press page.

What You’ll Find On This Blog

In addition to information about crochet health, you will find a variety of other crochet stuff here. I try to cover the whole gamut of the craft. Here are a few of my favorite topics:

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Revelación completa: I use Amazon affiliate links on this blog. If you see a link to an Amazon item, it’s probably an affiliate link. Sin embargo, I only recommend products I actually use and like.

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Caranthia White
Caranthia White

Hi Kathryn! What a great blog you have! Thank you so much for featuring Flumps ' Stuff on your 20+ Amazing Examples of Teeny Tiny Crochet and Amigurumi article. I am so honored! I also learned the basics of crocheting as a little girl and picked it up again as an adult. My oldest daughter is on the Autism Spectrum and I became a stay at home Mom so that I could be at home to do therapy for her. Rediscovering crocheting has been so healing for me, to be able to creative again and be able to do it surrounded by my kids. I can easily put it down and pick it right up again. I love making amigurumi and stuffed animals for them, and hats too! It has allowed me to create an online business through Etsy to create some income. Crocheting is definitely a blessing! Congratluations on your book and for being so inspiring!!! Mahalo nui loa!


I have nominated you for the Super Sweet Award for bloggers. Thank you for crafty inspirations :) Jaie (


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