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crochet link love Why Link Love Matters

Usually on Saturdays this blog features Link Love, a roundup of my favorite crochet-related posts from around the web throughout the week.

This week I have to skip link love because I’ve been away all week at my annual intensive grad school retreat. That means I’ve been in classes twelve hours per day (including today actually) and haven’t had time to check out all of the other great crochet blogs out there.

Link love will be back next week. Entretanto, I thought I’d give you a little bit of information about why I think it’s so important that I put the time into it each week.

We Are a Community

First and foremost, I believe that Link Love is something that ties together a number of different crocheters in one place, emphasizing how much of a community we can be here online. I believe that we should all help each other as much as we can, supporting each other in the work that we’re doing, and one way that I can do that is by bringing attention to all of the great crochet work that is out there.

Celebrating Crochet as Inspiration

Y sí, there is a lot of great crochet work out there! By rounding up so many great crochet art, patterns and ideas each week I’m able to constantly stay inspired about crochet. It’s joyful for me to celebrate crochet in this way and I hope that the posts inspire others each week as well.

Paying It Forward

red crochet heart Why Link Love Matters

I also consider this one way that Ipay it forward”. When I first began this blog, there were people who helped me along the way, people well-established in crochet who supported what I was doing. Now that Crochet Concupiscence is well-established, receiving more than 200,000 unique monthly page views, I can help others get eyeballs on their great crochet work. So I pay it forward in this way and I hope that others will do that as well.

I Love Crochet

The bottom line is that I love crochet. I love the amazing things that are happening in crochet across all sectors including art, moda, design and writing. And I love curating that into a weekly digest of selections for others to enjoy. I hope you love it too.

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