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img 6351 Black Sheep Wools Yarn Haul

I recently did a post showcasing my broomstick lace topped crochet dishcloths. In that post I mentioned that I had received a small gift card when I was nominated the Black Sheep Wools April blogger of the month. El hilado que usé para los trapos de cocina estaba entre lo que he comprado para probar usando la tarjeta de regalo. Pensé que mostraría el resto de mi lance de hilado de lanas de oveja negra:

img 6346 Black Sheep Wools Yarn Haul

img 6347 Black Sheep Wools Yarn Haul

img 6349 Black Sheep Wools Yarn Haul

The yarn in the top row above is what I used for those crochet dishcloths. It’s Sirdar Snuggly Baby Speckles cotton/ acrylic blend yarn. I got it in four colors: blue, green, grey and purple (all of which are actually speckled with white). Below that (still in the photo above) you can see that I also got three different colorways of Sirdar Montana, which is a blend of 70% acrílico, 30% Lana. Here’s what else I got:

img 6354 Black Sheep Wools Yarn Haul

img 6357 Black Sheep Wools Yarn Haul

I haven’t had a chance to play with it all, Sin embargo, but I’ll keep you posted as I do!

pinit fg en rect gray 28 Black Sheep Wools Yarn Haul

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Oooooo - beautiful yarns. Have fun playing with it. :)

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