Esta semana sólo: Publicidad gratuita para el nuevo gancho curar a los contribuyentes

Did you know that you can easily advertise on Crochet Concupiscence now? Golpeó el “patrocinadortab on the top of the blog’s home page and you will get the details. What I’m here to tell you today is that you can actually get free advertising for an entire month if you contribute to my Gancho para sanar fundraiser this week.

Sponsor Ads

Crochet Concupiscence gets over 165,000 visitors per month with over 315,000 page views. That’s a lot of eyes on your ad if you choose to sponsor this blog.

Sponsors get:

  • Post introductorio durante el mes dejar a gente saber sobre usted y su sitio / tienda
  • Opción de hacer un regalo gratis en el blog durante el mes
  • Mention in the Crochet Concupiscence monthly newsletter
  • Acciones de su enlace en las redes sociales durante todo el mes
  • El conocimiento que en conseguir su propio anuncio por ahí también está apoyando a un autor indie!

Today I’m offering all of this for free to people who contribute to my Hook to Heal fundraiser this week.

¿Cuál es el gancho para sanar?

Gancho para sanar is my next book project for crocheters who want to explore their own inner creativity, honor the artist within, heal from various troubles in life and take their craft to the next level. It will also include optional online classes and email coaching.

I am trying to raise funds to make Hook to Heal happen and I’m using Indiegogo so that people who contribute can easily get perks. Por ejemplo, when you donate just $1 to the campaign, you get your name listed in the acknowledgments of the book. When you donate $30 you get a copy of the new book upon release plus a copy of my other book, Ganchillo salvó mi vida.

Get Free Advertising!

In order to stimulate this much-needed funding effort as the fundraising round comes to a close, I’m offering free advertising on this site in addition to the perks that you select as a contributor.

Aquí está cómo funciona:

  • You make a contribution this week (details about amounts below).
  • You email me and let me know that you made the donation and want to advertise for free on my site.
  • I will send you a coupon code, which you can upload along with your ad en mi sitio.
  • You get one month of free advertising now. You also get the perks you selected in contributing to the campaign.

There are three different ad sizes on Crochet Concupiscence, so I’ll offer each for free at different donor amounts:

  • If you donate $10 to the campaign this week you’ll get a digital copy of the new book upon it’s release PLUS a discount code for a free 300×100 ad worth $50.
  • If you donate $30 to the campaign this week, you’ll get a copy of the print book upon its release, a copy of Ganchillo salvó mi vida now PLUS a discount code for a free 300×300 ad worth $100.
  • If you donate $100 to the campaign this week, you’ll get one month of one-on-one email coaching support to enhance your crochet creativity, your choice of the digital or print version of the book upon its release PLUS a discount code for a free large 300×500 ad worth $200.

What if you’ve already donated? This deal is only open to new campaign donors. HOWEVER, I appreciate all of my supporters so I’ll offer this: Anyone who has already donated once and donates an additional $15 this week can also take advantage of the free advertising deal to get a free 300×300 ad on the site. Just make the new donation, email me about it and I’ll send you the code.

Suscribirse a todos los mensajes por correo electrónico diariamente o a través un lector de feeds.

Suscribirse a mi boletín donde compartir noticias de ganchillo y actualizaciones cada 1-2 meses.


San Francisco basado y escritor obsesionado con ganchillo, soñador y espíritu creativo!

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  2. @CrochetBlogger I was readingCrochet Saved my Life” hoy. It’s awesome! I wish I had more money so I could give more to your next project

    • @coracalliope Aw, Gracias!! Every little bit spreading the word to others also helps tons, as does great comments of support like this.

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  4. Should I email you the ad (I just bought the $30 package)?

    • @n0rthernlitegurl n0rthernlitegurl Thanks!! You’ll actually upload the ad yourself but you’ll need to email me to get the coupon code. I tried finding your email address online but can’t find it so just shoot me a note to kathryn.vercillo (en gmail) and I’ll give you the rest of the info!


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