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De todos los puestos relacionados con crochet-Leí esta semana, estos eran los que yo pensaba que no debes perderte!

Antes de profundizar en, aunque, sólo un recordatorio sobre el trato que me estoy quedando esta semana en el que puede obtener publicidad gratuita en la barra lateral de ganchillo concupiscencia a cambio de una contribución a mi gancho para Sanar proyecto para recaudar fondos crochet. Invierta sólo $30 and get an advance copy of the book, a copy of my other book (Crochet Saved My Life) and a discount code worth $100 of free advertising on Crochet Concupiscence.

Something Special

@foxslane led me to find out about the 1000 Doilies crochet art project. Lane Fox dice: “Lisa Solomon, a Californian mixed media artist, is working towards a piece of art made up of 1,000 (sen in Japanese) doilies.

She then quotes the project:

“1000 is a big deal in japanese culture. it’s wrapped up in luck and hope and clearly excess. así… in thinking about luck and placing it into my lexicon, my vocabulary, my means of working. 1000 doilies it is. and because of my fascination with color and color theory… 100 colors of thread. 10 doilies in each color to get to my 1000.

Me encanta proyectos de arte comunitario, especially ones like this that include crochet and culture!

Inteligentes ganchillo Mensajes

Marcas Crochet Hermosas

crochet blanket squares 400x526 I Heart Crochet Blogs! This Weeks Link Love!

Just Do hizo este hermoso cuadrados crochet manta. ¿Puedes adivinar cuántos cuadrados que incluye? Pop over to the blog to find out.

overlay crochet mandala 400x278 I Heart Crochet Blogs! This Weeks Link Love!

@ Winkieflash ha creado su siguiente crochet mandala superposición y esta es una foto detallada de los stithces; full thing front and back is on her el blog de ganchillo

granny square blanket I Heart Crochet Blogs! This Weeks Link Love!

Me encanta la combinación de colores que Pammy Sue de Scotty Place eligió para esta gran manta cuadrado de la abuelita; also love the ribete de ganchillo!

crochet fox scarf 400x266 I Heart Crochet Blogs! This Weeks Link Love!

Según Matt (@ Mattscraftyblog) hecho esta bufanda del zorro crochet por su hermana; check out all of the great photos and find the link to purchase the pattern on his el blog de ganchillo.

crochet bear 400x599 I Heart Crochet Blogs! This Weeks Link Love!

Es Un Mundo Amigurumi made this crochet bear with pajamas icon smile I Heart Crochet Blogs! This Weeks Link Love!

Cómo Crochet

Patrones Crochet

crochet heart pattern1 I Heart Crochet Blogs! This Weeks Link Love!

Simple Sunburst Crochet Heart Tutorial free from Bunny Mummy

crochet flower pattern I Heart Crochet Blogs! This Weeks Link Love!

Free Crochet Flower Pattern from Sue of Suz Place and The Flower Bed

crochet coasters pattern 400x300 I Heart Crochet Blogs! This Weeks Link Love!

Free Crochet Coasters Pattern from Debi of Dly’s Hooks and Yarns

crochet scarf pattern I Heart Crochet Blogs! This Weeks Link Love!

Libre Crochet Puppet Scarf Pattern by Nancy Anderson on @redheartyarns spotted via @annemariesblog

crochet tote bag1 I Heart Crochet Blogs! This Weeks Link Love!

Eléboro Tote, free motif-based crochet bag pattern de @ crochetkitten

crochet pillow patterns I Heart Crochet Blogs! This Weeks Link Love!

12 Free Crochet Pillow Patterns via @allfreecrochet

crochet malabrigo pattern I Heart Crochet Blogs! This Weeks Link Love!

@malabrigobuzz has released its first ebook crochet pattern collection with designs by Joanne Scrace (@ Notsogranny)

chevron crochet patterns 400x500 I Heart Crochet Blogs! This Weeks Link Love!

@ Allfreecrochet hizo un resumen de los Chevron Knitting and Crochet Patterns including half a dozen crochet chevron afghans and three other crochet chevron patterns

Crochet Comentarios

Video de la Semana

Spotted thanks to a link on @LaMaisonBisoux

Yarn News

New spring Rowan Yarns via @websyarnstore

  • @KnitPicks had a security breach that compromised some customer information. I have to say I give them some kudos for their transparency with their customers (including blogging about it publicly) around this situation. What was interesting was that there was a not-quite-the-same-but-similar enough situation this week with some crafty designers and it was not handled as well, as discussed in a post by @margotpotter.
  • Los Pequeños Tesoros has opened a new Etsy store called Crochetella that sells, entre otras cosas, hilo.
  • Wool Stainless Steel. @lionbrandyarn shared images of some projects completed using this unique fiber. I had bought some of this last year (eek, or maybe it was even the year before) and never used it because I couldn’t quite figure out what to do with it. Inspiración!
  • Crochet Today did a post on yarn stores in San Francisco (and included tips on where to eat or grab a coffee nearby!) I’ve previously also done a post on 7 San Francisco Tiendas de hilo. Dato curioso: It is logisitcally far easier to get yourself to an indie LYS in San Francisco than to get to a chain store since there are no big chain craft stores in the city.

Otros Crafty Cosas

Algunos Gracias Especial

Feliz fin de semana y feliz lectura! Si esto no es una lectura creativa suficiente para usted, entonces es posible que también desee comprobar hacia fuera el “las artes y la inteligencia” roundup vínculo de amor que he hecho en mi blog personal, Diario de un polluelo elegante.

pinit fg en rect gray 28 I Heart Crochet Blogs! This Weeks Link Love!
Me gusta este mensaje, por favor, pulse el botón de acción! Realmente me encanta lo que estoy haciendo con ganchillo concupiscencia? Considere hacer una donación o convertirse en un patrocinador Blog.

@CrochetBlogger @craftgossip @crochetbyfaye @lamaisonbisoux @knitpicks @margotpotter @lionbrandyarn thank you!


Como siempre, thanks for a great roundup. I'm loving the Just Do blanket!


@CrochetBlogger Thanks for sharing these links for everyone, I love anything to do with granny square! : )


Thanks for including me in this weeks blog link love. :)


@brklynhousewife Thanks for checking it out. I love compiling the links every week and sharing the best in our crochet blog community!


@CrochetBlogger Thanks that is so nice of you to share with everyone & I look forward to more. Still reading your book & totally love it.


@brklynhousewife Thanks so much. I am so happy that I've been able to share the stories and information in Crochet Saved My Life.

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