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Diseñador de ganchillo Andee Graves tiene un nuevo Leisure Arts folleto patrón fuera llamado Texting Mitones. Está lleno de ocho patrones diferentes de guantes sin dedos que se pueden utilizar para mantener el estilo, cálido y todavía es capaz de utilizar todos los dispositivos de mensajes de texto que requieren los dedos para ser libre. Hoy les voy a decir un poco más sobre el libro, deje Andee que contarnos acerca de sus propias palabras a través de una entrevista que hice con ella y entonces usted puede entrar abajo para ganar su propia copia como parte de la gira de blog para esta nueva publicación.

Acerca de mensajes de texto de los mitones

Chunky Vs Mitt LA 400x600 Crochet Texting Mitts (Review, Interview, Blog Tour and Giveaway!)

Los mensajes de texto manoplas, también conocida como guantes sin dedos o guantes sin dedos, son fáciles de crochet y ofrecen la oportunidad de añadir funcionalidad y estilo a su guardarropa. Andee Graves ha diseñado ocho versiones diferentes, all made with super fine weight yarn, and they’ve been compiled into her first complete crochet pattern book. El libro, published by Leisure Arts, offers patterns for beginners as well as intermediate skill crocheters.

5 things I liked about this book when checking it out:

  1. Hay patterns for crochet fingerless gloves of various lengths, which I like because I don’t always want long gloves but sometimes I do!
  2. There is the opportunity to practice several different stitch techniques such as foundation single crochet, post stitches, working in only one loop, cluster stitches and crossed stitches.
  3. There are patterns for both single color and multi-color fingerless mitts. I appreciate this because I don’t like changing colors so I usually work single color patterns myself but I love looking at the colorwork other people do in their crochet.
  4. Every pattern is for fingerless gloves. This is obvious from my description of the book but I am saying it because I always like pattern books that show different variations of the same product because it shows just how many different things you can do in crochet just by making small changes.
  5. On a practical note, the different sizes of gloves in each pattern are printed in different colors so it is really easy to follow the pattern to make the size of texting mitts that you want. The layout in general is easy to read and follow. I should add for some of you other there that there that prefer visual instructions that there aren’t symbol charts in this book. (It doesn’t bother me since I don’t really use them anyway but just wanted you to know!) Sin embargo, you can find online tutorials as a bonus to this book, which will help if you’re a more visual pattern-follower.

Texting Mitts is available as an ebook and also as a print book. (De hecho, you can win a printed copy from me todaydetails below!)

Interview with the Crochet Designer

Diamond Back Mitt LA 400x600 Crochet Texting Mitts (Review, Interview, Blog Tour and Giveaway!)

Q: Usted say in a post on your site:

My first ever published design was a pair of fingerless mitts for Red Heart Yarn in October of 2009. So it is fitting that my first ever booklet would be fingerless mitts as well.

Do you feel like you’ve come full circle in your crochet design because of this?

Andee Graves: It is sort of a full circle feeling. It is rather fun to have both firsts be in the same design category.

Q: What is it that you like about designing and crocheting fingerless mitts?

Andee Graves: My favorite thing about crocheting fingerless mitts or regular mittens is that they are such a quick project. That instant gratification aspect is very nice.

From a design standpoint they are a great project to experiment with shaping in stitch patterns and working in the round.

Cabled Columns Mitt LA 400x600 Crochet Texting Mitts (Review, Interview, Blog Tour and Giveaway!)

Q: I can totally understand the instant gratification pleasure of a project like fingerless mitts. I love projects that I can sit down and do in one long sitting while watching a movie or even sitting at a coffee shop. ¿Cuáles son algunos de los problemas más comunes que un principiante puede encontrar cuando empieza a guantes sin dedos de crochet por primera vez?

Andee Graves: Para manoplas, como en mi folleto, que se trabajó en la ronda puede ser difícil para los principiantes a localizar el primer punto de una ronda para unirse a. En general, yo enseño los principiantes a usar un marcador de punto en su primer punto para que sea fácil de detectar.

Q: Eso es definitivamente inteligente. Soy un crocheter experimentado y de vez en cuando todavía me sorprendo a mí mismo de unirse a la ronda de malo en un proyecto.

Todos los patrones de crochet en este nuevo libro, excepto por una se trabajan puño-up. Para aquellos que no conocen, puedes explicar un poco acerca de la banda hasta vs. puño abajo opción de diseño cuando se trata de sus guantes sin dedos?

Andee Graves: Cuff up refers to working the mitt starting with a foundation at the bottom cuff edge and continuing on to the top of the palm. Cuff down usually refers to working the mitt in 2 parts with a foundation located at the crease of the wrist. There is also fingers-downwhich starts with a foundation at the top of the palm and works down to the bottom cuff edge.

Xst Mitt LA 400x600 Crochet Texting Mitts (Review, Interview, Blog Tour and Giveaway!)

Q: The patterns in this book were all designed with super fine weight yarn. What are the pros and cons to using a lightweight yarn for fingerless mitts?

Andee Graves: The biggest pro to working with super fine weight yarn is the fabric created isn’t super bulky. Working with lightweight yarn also allows for more detailed shaping and stitch pattern options. Of course that leads to the one con, which is that it takes a lot more stitches to create the finished mitt.

Q: You mention that there are physical health benefits to wearing fingerless mitts; can you explain what those are?

Andee Graves: The best prevention for any injuries from activities is to keep the muscles warm. That is why you see athletes of all types dressed in warm-up gear and stretching during competitions. Fingerless mitts allow for your hands to have normal grip function while the muscles of the hand and wrist stay warm.

There is also benefit to having gentle compression around the wrist to support the movement of the tendons that operate our fingers.

Q: Thanks Andee! That makes a lot of sense and gives us a practical reason to enjoy making the pattern in the book (although of course the cute style of them and fun of crocheting them are enough excuse for most of us!)

Learn more about Andee here.

Crochet Pattern Giveaway! (Cómo participar)

Seashell Mitt LA 400x266 Crochet Texting Mitts (Review, Interview, Blog Tour and Giveaway!)

Leisure Arts generously offered a giveaway copy of this new book that you can enter to win now!

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This giveaway is open to people with a U.S. dirección (triste, shipping costs are getting so high these days!) Se aceptarán inscripciones hasta el jueves, February 14th at midnight PST. The winner, selected randomly, will be announced on the blog this weekend.

Crochet Book Blog Tour

Texting Mitts is on its blog tour right now. This post that you’re reading is the second stop on the tour.

The other stops on the tour are:

You can follow all of the stops here on Andee’s blog.

All photos courtesy of Leisure Arts Publishing

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