Betty in Blue (crochet for dogs)

por Kathryn en Febrero 12, 2013 · 8 Comentarios

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You’ve seen Betty, the cockapoo I watch sometimes, wearing this perro suéter del ganchillo (that I made) as well as the sombrero del ganchillo (that my mom made for her). You haven’t seen it all put together in a professional picture before now, Aunque. I just got this photo of her as a belated Christmas present. ¿No es adorable?


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Muy lindo! I have a big dog (Buddy), who thinks my little dog Charlie's sweater is somesort of a carryall. Little Charlie gets cold in winter so I put his sweater on and soon after, Buddy is trying to pick him up using the sweater as a handle. I've gone through 3 adorable sweaters so far this winter!

Lynda M O
Lynda M O

Sí, it is adorable. My sister has a small dog that she dresses in Summer Outfits (they live in So Florida) and this just slayed me, I can see her Bella dressed for the winter that never arrives !~!



I don't have pictures but I just used free patterns from Ravelry for little dogs-I measured him first and made tiny adjustments. The cutest one was one I made using faux fur yarn. It's pretty torn up now though!


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