Usted puede ayudar a fondo gran escala Crochet Art Project

I’ve previously mentioned that Yarn Bombing Los Angeles is doing a huge crochet art installation, because I was one of the many people who signed up to donate granny squares to the project. But what I haven’t mentioned, hasta ahora, is that they need some funding to help pull this thing off so they’re seeking crowdsourced support. Usted puede donar tan poco como $1 para hacer el proyecto de vida.

The Yarnbombing Project

granny squares

Yarn Bombing Los Angeles is doing a big crochet installation at a Los Angeles museum this year called CAFAM: Abuela al cuadrado. Explican:

YBLA has teamed up with crocheters all over the world to cover the facade of the Craft and Folk Art Museum in Los Angeles, California, en plazas de la abuela. Se trata de un proyecto de arte público que hará una declaración colorida y cuentan con el trabajo de personas de todo el mundo, artists and non-artists alike.

They needed about 4700 crochet squares to cover the front of the building and got over 200 of us to send in donations. I sent in a bunch of squares in the different requested colors that they needed; ver my donation here.

Crowdsourced Funding Needed

They need about $15000 total to pull this thing off but are asking for only about half of that from crowdsourced funding. What do they need the money for? Here they explain:

We are in need of funds to afford contractors, insurance, and any additional material costs associated with installation. Installation calls for hiring engineers to oversee the process, contractors to handle the mechanics, unexpected costs like fire retardant and liability insurance so that our project is building-safe. Además, we would like to publish a catalog and additional print materials to commemorate this groundbreaking project. We applied for some grants, but we also need to raise at least $8,000 to able to pay everyone who is involved in the installation and documentationcontractors, structural engineers, architects, photographers, cinematographers, graphic designersfor their time and labor. Additional funds raised will go toward completing the roof area of the building, which is right now not part of the installation plan.

As with all crowdsourced funding projects, donors get something in exchange for what they give. Some of the things you may get, depending on how much you donate, include signed artist trading cards, granny square posters, the printed catalog, a handmade pillow, and a custome yarnbombed object of your choosing.

Donations must be in before February 20th. Get the full details and info about how to donate here.

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