Prepárate! Es casi la hora para la gran 12 Días de Navidad de ganchillo Giveaway!

I love to celebrate Christmas by offering a variety of gifts and acknowledgments to the wonderful people who are part of my crochet community. This year I’m joined by an array of terrific sponsors who have come together to offer enough giveaway items for 12 full days of giveaways here on the blog this December.

The Basics of the Upcoming Giveaway

Each day for 12 days Crochet Concupiscence will feature a giveaway post. Giveaway prizes include crochet books, ganchos, yarn and patterns by terrific indie designers. There will be multiple opportunities to enter each of these twelve giveaways so you will have many chances to win. All giveaway winners will also receive a Paz, Amor, Hilado bumper sticker. Además, the top three people who have the most total entries over the course of the 12 days will each win a signed copy of my new book, Ganchillo salvó mi vida.

More About the Prizes

The details and photos of the prizes will be forthcoming shortly but as a sneak peak let me share that just some of the items you can win will include:

The Details

This giveaway will launch on December 13th and will last for the 12 days leading up to Christmas with the last giveaway post going live on the morning of Christmas Eve. All winners for the daily prizes will be selected at random on December 26th and announced on the blog. At that time the total number of entries will be tallied up and the three people with the most entries will be awarded the Crochet Saved My Life book. All prizes will be sent out by the end of the month. I don’t want to leave anyone out of this giveaway so yes it is open to both US and international residents. The instructions for entry will be included in each day’s post and failure to follow those instructions may result in the entries being thrown out.


Suscribirse a todos los mensajes por correo electrónico diariamente o a través un lector de feeds.

Suscribirse a mi boletín donde compartir noticias de ganchillo y actualizaciones cada 1-2 meses.


San Francisco basado y escritor obsesionado con ganchillo, soñador y espíritu creativo!

30 Comentarios:

  1. WOW! You are doing a marvelous giveaway! Big Thanks for a wonderful site!

  2. I really like your website!!

  3. this looks like funthanks for organizing such a generous giveaway

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  5. Loving this site-just found you and am already suscribing and excited.

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  7. what a good idea ,some nice prizes.. .. by the way what is that lovely wool called (green and multi coloured?)I have read your book and its great.@

    • @marilyn watson The red and green yarn was last year’s special Christmas yarn from Candy Skein but note that I’ve altered the color a bit in the image for this giveaway. Candy Skein has beautiful, beautiful colorways, Aunque – always worth checking out!

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  9. О ля-ля!!!! как я рада что вы есть!Мое увлеченье и хобби-крючок! и свой блог и страницу в фэйсбуке- я назвала-крючкотерапия-так как верю-что крючок лечит! и вдруг-читаю у вас -даже книга-про то что крючок спас жизнь! я не одинока! Крючок-настоящая арттерапия!

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  11. Looking forward to the contest, found your sight via Pinterest and I am glad I found it.

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  13. 7 people came to this spot from my following my pin. Me encanta al crochet. It aids in my disabilities, depression of losing my youngest
    daughter recently (camino, way too soon). I would love to actually win something in my life. I never have and I am almost 60. I do wish everyone good luck, though and Merry Christmas to all.

  14. Thank you so much for this giveaway! I simply adore your blog. My mom got me your book as an early Yule gift. Keep being awesome!!!

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  17. Quisiera participar en los sorteos, ya que soy una persona que viene saliendo de un grave accidente automovilistico gracias al crochet.

    • @Manchitarufo Thank you for writing. I am so glad to hear that crochet is helping you after your accident!! The giveaway is 12 days long and you can enter for each prize until 12/25/12. To enter, visit that day’s prize and follow the instructions. Por ejemplo, here is the link to day 4’s prize:

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