2012 Crochet impresionante Blogger Awards: Lista de ganadores

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Bueno, that’s it. December is over. 2012 is over. And the 2012 Crochet impresionante Blogger Awards are complete. In case you missed any, here were the winners this year:

  1. Mejores entrevistas de ganchillo: Marie Segares of Underground Crafter
  2. Best Crochet Tutorials: Gatito de ganchillo
  3. Best Crochet Podcast: Stacey Trock of Fresh Stitches and Crochet Chat
  4. Best Crochet Blog Project: Marinke Slump of A Creative Being for the Weekly Mandala Series
  5. Best Artwork from a Crochet Blogger: Carmelina creativa
  6. Best Crochet Video Tutorials: New Stitch a Day
  7. Biggest Contribution to the Crochet Community: Laurie Wheeler of CLF and Hookey
  8. Best Foreign Language Crochet Blog: Las Teje y Maneje
  9. Mejores patrones de ganchillo gratis: Repeat Crafter Me
  10. Best Crochet Reviews: Robyn Chachula
  11. Most Achievements in Crochet: Laurinda Reddig
  12. Best Personal Posts: Alicia Paulson of Posie Gets Cozy
  13. Best in Business Transparency: June Gilbank
  14. Best Use of Unique Crochet Stitches: Sue Pinner
  15. Best Colorwork: According to Matt
  16. Best Crochet Pattern Roundups: Tamara of Moogly
  17. Best Finds in Crochet: Meredith of One Sheepish Girl
  18. Best Photos: Kate from Foxs Lane
  19. Best Niche Crochet Blogger: Yarnbomber Streetcolor
  20. Best Crochet Posts from a Yarn Blog: Dora Ohrenstein’s Crochet Corner at Jimmy Beans Wool
  21. Best Crochet Posts from a General Craft Blog: Heidi from Speckless
  22. Best Crochet Purses: The Royal Sisters
  23. Most Genuine Blogger: Debi of Dly’s Hooks and Yarns.
  24. Best Linky: Kara of Petals to Picots
  25. Best New Charity Accepting Crochet: Purple Stitch Project
  26. Best Holiday Crochet: Casey of Plus 3 Ganchillo
  27. Best Crochet Hats: Jenn of Jenn Likes Yarn
  28. Best in Varied Crochet Information: Julia of Aberrant Crochet
  29. Best Bilingual Crochet Blog: Annemarie’s Haakblog: It’s All About Crochet
  30. Best Blog from a Fiber Farm: Susan of Juniper Moon Farm
  31. Best Craft Business Blog: Sister Diane of CraftyPod
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Loving this list. I think Stacey won her award twice over for starting her podcast. It is informative and fun. She's given the community a great of herself and her crochet knowledge.

All your choices are very professional bloggers. :) Where's your award? You published a book and still maintain the go to site for all things crochet. (plus didn't you just start as Crochet Today's guest blogger?)

Thank you Kathryn for everything you do.


Thanks again for the award Kathryn. :)


  1. [...] Sue of Suz Place mentioned the blog award I gave her for the best use of unique crochet stitches. Laurinda also mentioned her award for most accomplishments in crochet in 2012. Did you see all of the award winners? [...]

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