2012 Crochet increíble Blog Awards: Mejores tutoriales

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Redoble de tambores por favor … The winner of the best crochet tutorials for 2012 es:

* Gatito de ganchillo *

Best Crochet Tutorials Award

Today’s awesome crochet blogger award is for the best free online crochet tutorials. Tutorials are the “Cómo” of crochet, providing us with step-by-step instructions (sometimes accompanied by put-it-into-action patterns) for crochet techniques ranging from how to do a basic chain to how to create broomstick lace. Free online crochet tutorials are how many new crocheters are learning the craft today and therefore are important to this community! Note that today’s award is specifically for written tutorials; another day’s award will focus on video tutorials.

Sobre el ganador

Crochet Kitten is the blog by Stacy, probably better known as The Animator’s Wife, enhanced by the personality of her rescue cat, Selena. Stacy is a veterinary ophthalmology technician who says thatCrochetKitten.com is run by Selena K, a feral-turned-domestic housecat, because who would know more about working with yarn than a fabulous feline?” Good point! The Animator’s Wife is a diseñador de ganchillo who offers tons of free patterns (and some for sale) en su blog. She also does solid book reviews and other great posts but what I really love are her free online crochet tutorials. Find Crochet Kitten on Facebook y Ravelry.

3 Las razones del ganado ganador

Muchos, many bloggers have done terrific crochet-related tutorials this year. Crochet Kitten won because:

  1. Crochet Kitten covers beginnerstechniques, advanced techniques and niche techniques. The variety makes it possible to learn something new from her crochet tutorials no matter what level crocheter you are.
  2. There are some great niche tutorials. I’ve been impressed with how Crochet Kitten has provided tutorials for really unique aspects of our craft, como crochet stockinette. I also really appreciated the quality of her amigurumi tutorial series even though I don’t do much with the niche myself.
  3. Her tutorials are easy to find on her blog. If you go to the Crochet Kitten website you will see a tab right there at the top that saystutorials“. You can click on this to get links to all of her tutorials right there, neatly organized by category. Whenever a new tutprial goes up on the blog, she promptly adds it her. Organized and helpful!
It didn’t affect my choice of award winner in any way but I want to give a thanks to Crochet Kitten for reviewing Ganchillo salvó mi vida on the blog this year.

¿Qué es este premio del Blog de ganchillo?

No estoy seguro que este premio es todo acerca de? Es uno de mis premios blogger del ganchillo, dado en este blog cada día cada diciembre. Aprender todo acerca de aquí.

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@CrochetBlogger I hadn't but I just found it and it is absurdly cute! I wish I had more friends who crochet because it would make a great gift.


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