Terrific Free Crochet Pattern for Spiral Hooks Organizer

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When I did my article on 10 formas inteligentes de organizar ganchos de ganchillo I included a spiral fabric hooks organizer that I thought looked awesome. I just saw that there is a free crochet pattern on Ravelry for something similar that you could make for yourself. Cool!

Patrón de ganchillo gratis

This crochet pattern is called the Tower of Babel because when it’s all ready it looks like this:

spiral crochet hook organizer Terrific Free Crochet Pattern for Spiral Hooks Organizer

The design is by Eleanor Howe and the pattern is offered as a descarga gratuita de Ravelry.

The Fabric Version

If you’re curious about the organizer that I had seen first it’s the Seabury Spiral Organizer:

Would you be more likely to buy the fabric organizer or more likely to crochet your own?

pinit fg en rect gray 28 Terrific Free Crochet Pattern for Spiral Hooks Organizer

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Lynda M O
Lynda M O

I DID IT TODAY !~! I crocheted one like yours today during the Jack Frost detective show that my husband and I have enjoyed watching. I used Wool of the Andes by Knit Picks in Pumpkin and it came out perfectly cool. I glued a leather circle to the bottom to keep the hooks from falling out when I picked it up but the rest is just like yours.

Thanks so much for the pattern.


Thanks for sharing the pattern. Will I actually make it? Who knows, but now at least it is an option :).


Great crafty idea! i have seen the fabric ones and they are lovely and $$$$ however I have too many needles and sets to realistically consider for organizing. I could see a use for the small crochet Tower of Babel for a table during a class or open knitting night, swatch yarn tasting night.


I'm definitely going to have a go at crocheting my own Tower of Babel - the pattern is downloaded and waiting to be printed!

CrochetBlogger Moderador

@Lynda M O I haven't actually made this one yet, although I've got it in mind to do so, but loved the pattern and that's why I wanted to share it here. The leater bottom makes perfect sense! I'd love to see a photo of yours if you get a chance!

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