Se aferran ganchillo abrigo vestido Lady Gaga

Every month I try to collect all of the sightings online that I see of celebrities wearing crochet and new crochet from brand name designers. Usually at this time of year the pickings get a little slim and that’s been the case with November 2012 así como. Most of the articles I clicked over to that said “ganchillo” weren’t actually crocheted items and I really didn’t find much that was worth sharing.

Sin embargo, I did come across a fashion article that mentioned a dress worn by Lady Gagasort of. It turns out the dress was worn quite some time ago but I’d never seen it before and it’s really kind of awesome so I’m sharing it here now for anyone else who missed it.

Here’s a picture of Gaga in the dress (sort of):

lady gaga crochet cling dress 400x600 Lady Gagas Crocheted Cling Wrap Gown

I learned about this dress from Mancunian Matters, which was reporting on a recycled fashion show that included this dress on the runway this month. The UK event, called Watch your Waste, featured many different upcycled garments made shoelaces, jigsaw puzzle pieeces and more.

upcycled crochet dress Lady Gagas Crocheted Cling Wrap Gown

The article explains that the Lady Gaga dress wascrocheted from 2.5 thousand metres of reclaimed cling film” y “was received rapturously by the audience”.

You may have noticed that I keep mentioning that Gaga issort ofwearing the dress … Bueno, I can’t find any online references to the live celebrity wearing it but her life-size, realistic wax figure wears it at Madame Tussauds Blackpool. Digital Spy explains that the dress, designed by Adnana Bayer using crocheted cling wrap and LED lights, is meant to reflect the type of thing that Gaga herself would wear. De cualquier manera, it’s a great creation.

pinit fg en rect gray 28 Lady Gagas Crocheted Cling Wrap Gown

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