Special Long Weekend Sale on Crochet Saved My Life: 30% Off!

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In honor of I Love Yarn Day, American Craft Week, World Mental Health Day and National Depression Screening Day, I’m offering a 30% discount on my new book, Ganchillo salvó mi vida.

World Mental Health Day is Today

I originally planned to do this sale just for this upcoming weekend for I Love Yarn Day. Sin embargo, I learned from someone in my new Crochet Saved My Life Ravelry group (come join us!!) that today is World Mental Health Day. Crochet Saved My Life talks so much about mental health issues that I couldn’t let it go by without a mention. So I decided to change when this post went up and make it a long weekend sale for my book starting today, on World Mental Health Day, and continuing all the way thorugh the end of American Craft Week on Sunday.

National Depression Screening Day

After finding out that October 10th was World Mental Health Day I also quickly found out that tomorrow, October 11th, es National Depression Screening Day. That couldn’t go without a mentionespecially considering that I share in my book about how I wasn’t diagnosed with depression for more than ten years after I started having symptoms.

I Love Yarn Day Sale

I Love Yarn Day is, as you might guess, all about declaring your love of yarn. Crochet Saved My Life is all about how yarn and crafting helped me, y otros, deal with serious health issues. There are so many benefits to crochet and this is why I love yarn!

So in honor of that, I wanted to offer a super 30% discount on my book in celebration of the day.

Conozca más sobre the book here. Conozca más sobre Me encanta el día del hilado aquí.

I was originally going to just do a 24-hour sale in honor of the holiday. Sin embargo, this weekend is also the tail end of American Craft Week, which celebrates handcrafting in America. My book is about crafting plus it’s a self-published indie work of writing. So I thought I’d honor that, también, and extend the sale through the whole weekend. (And as I said above, I added a few days before the weekend in honor of World Mental Health Day).

This long-weekend sale starts at 12:01 am on October 10, 2012. The sale ends at midnight the this Sunday, Octubre 14. That’s all PST, A propósito, because I’m based in California.

Why You Must Buy This Book Now

  1. It celebrates crochet and so should you! Especially this weekend because of these yarnie holidays.
  2. You’re supporting an indie author who has worked hard to lend her support to the whole crochet community.
  3. People are loving the book so you might, también. Read reviews by Laurie Wheeler y Stacey Trock.
  4. Christmas will be here before you know it so this is a great opportunity to stock up early on books as gifts for the people you love.
  5. It’s a rare chance to get 30% off of this new title.

How to Get the Discount

To get your 30% discount code, visit the main sales page. Add the book(s) you want to your cart. Before checking out, enter the discount code: 76K89G9K in theapply discountbox.

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