Entonces y ahora en Crochet (8/26 – 9/8)

2011 en Crochet: Zari crochet jewelry, Caroline Routh, Ivana Trump in crochet shorts, Anoli Perera

Lo que estaba pasando en septiembre 2011 en crochet? ¿Cómo ha cambiado? ¿Qué pasa con algunos más hace historia? It’s all here in this post starting with Semana Nacional de lana, which I first explained last year. It starts this year on October 15th.

Arte del ganchillo

crochet seashells Then and Now in Crochet (8/26   9/8)

Perfila el trabajo de tapestry crochet artist Caroline Routh. I mentioned her recently because her work reminded me a little of the work of Sophie Buckley. Caroline Routh’s work is featured at Mad and Noisy Gallery.

doily art Then and Now in Crochet (8/26   9/8)

I also profiled the work of Anoli Perera, a Sri Lankan mixed media artist who adds crochet to her creations. Last year her work was part of a group exhibition in India and she had a solo show in Sri Lanka.

Libros de ganchillo

crochet edgings book Then and Now in Crochet (8/26   9/8)

He revisado Crochet Edges and Trims, an Interweave publication edited by Kate Haxell. I’m curious how the contents of this one will compare to Kristin Omdahl’s upcoming new book called The Finer Edge: Adornos de ganchillo, Motivos & Fronteras.

granny squares book Then and Now in Crochet (8/26   9/8)

I also took a look at a retro 1989 libro llamado La abuela Nana plazas plazas: Nuevos giros para Classic Crochet Then and Now in Crochet (8/26   9/8). I love some of the patterns in this booktruly timeless!

Ganchillo inspiración

crochet bicycle dress guards 500x335 Then and Now in Crochet (8/26   9/8)

5 Artículos de ganchillo impresionante para ciclistas. I was reminded of this post again recently when Crochet Today did a roundup of ganchillo de bicicleta as celebration for the Tour de France.

5 YouTube videos about yarnbombed trees. My most recent post about a yarnbombed tree was about emerging artist Issa Abou-AISS.

Noticias de ganchillo

1aacrocmusbldg Then and Now in Crochet (8/26   9/8)

Storms devastated The Crochet Museum. It took awhile but by February the museum was back up and running. Here’s a slideshow of someone’s trip here; it’s located in Joshua Tree, CA.

dogpawfile 400x195 Then and Now in Crochet (8/26   9/8)

Dog Lovers Learn to Crochet to Make Afghans for Sick Friend. I recently shared an update to this story.

mother bear project 400x401 Then and Now in Crochet (8/26   9/8)

67,000 Crochet osos para niños VIH en África

Some of the other news from this time:

Moda de ganchillo

Screen shot 2011 08 28 at 3.33.08 PM 500x577 Then and Now in Crochet (8/26   9/8)

I looked at the beautiful zari crochet in the St. Línea de joyería de Erasmus. No new items have been posted on the site since I checked it out last year but the St. Erasmus Facebook page says that there’s an upcoming Autumn-Winter collection.

leann rimes crochet swimsuit Then and Now in Crochet (8/26   9/8)

LeAnn Rimes was spotted in a traje de baño del ganchillo

crochet biker jacket christopher kane Then and Now in Crochet (8/26   9/8)

Christopher Kane created this terrific crochet cashmere jacket. I wish this designer would start doing more with crochet again; I really loved his 2011 stuff! Since it was made with cashmere, it was one of the things that prompted me to write an article about La ética y las cuestiones de lana de Cachemira.

Cotizaciones de ganchillo

Aquí algunas de las cosas inteligentes que decían que eran:

“I hope art in general can inspire and initiate change. I use street art as an additional viewing space, like a gallery or any other area that is showing my work. Good public art works make a person stop walking, stop staring at the ground, and focus on art. My work is never finished – the continuous response of the viewers is the art. My work is simply an instrument for their expressions. It proves that all things are interconnected.”Olek

“Planet earth can be an unsettling place to live, ¿No crees? But in times of insanity, crochet is a dependable friend we can always turn to.”Amy Solovay

“Crochet is incredibly easy to get started with. Because it involves a repetition of the same movement – drawing the yarn through a loop on the hook – the basics are really quick to pick up. It can feel a little strange to start off with, especially if you are used to knitting, but the fingers soon learn the new movements and the rhythm becomes like a calming second nature.”Carol Meldrum

“Working in blocks of color can be as straightforward as choosing three or four cheerful colors and making large motifs into a wrap. Or crocheting large swaths of quieter variegated color in a very simple lace pattern. Two contrasting motifs together can set up a great framework for a big throw; you can have a lot of fun adding bright colors to a neutral background. The wonderful thing about color blocks is that you can work a variety of shades into pattern work without losing the actual pattern.”Kathy Merrick

"Apreciación de las singulares no es un fenómeno nuevo: tradicionalmente, hermosa ropa para el hogar fueron adornado con ganchillo fino y así el arte vino a representar la formalidad de los mejores. Estos artículos para el hogar que se crearon tan amorosamente Mostrar una amplia variedad de ingenio y conocimientos que muchos un volumen moderno se basa en". – Kate Haxell

“With experience, the physical act of making crochet fabric becomes automatic. En ese momento, the smooth, repetitive and intellectually non-challenging motions free up our higher brain functions to take in and process information and all manner of other stimuli. En otras palabras, while our hands are very busy with crochet, our minds may be engaged with other things. I might be tempted to say crochet makes you smarter. Certainly the possibility of layering pleasure upon pleasure makes the craft even more fun.”Doris Chan

“The newest lace trend is a move toward bulkier laces — crochet-like pieces made of thick wool and other hearty fabrics instead of thin knitting. And lace-like perforated leather cutouts adorn some apparel.”Eva Stutzman

It is a delight to see a revival of artisan skills such as crochet and ikat weaving and raffia embroidery but with none of the ‘home spun’ connotations.”Jimmy Stephen-Cran

“It is the element of decorative utility that craft embodies that makes it both enduring and endearing … crafting is, ultimately, about the power to transform ourselves and the world around us.”Crochetbug

“Contemporary crochet, now set on its way by the big new crochet hooks and the eye-opening revelation of all the different things that could be made with them, came finally and fully into its own in rather a strong and startling manner, and started an explosive rash of artistic endeavor such as was never heard of before.”fuente

Ganchillo en Etsy

crochet stripes Then and Now in Crochet (8/26   9/8)

Collage of Crochet Stripes on Etsy

crochet pockets Then and Now in Crochet (8/26   9/8)

Collage of Crochet Pockets on Etsy


I was enjoying the Weekly Color Inspiration Posts on the Malabrigo Yarn blog. I still love looking at these color features.

cotton yarn 400x300 Then and Now in Crochet (8/26   9/8)

He revisado Creme de la Creme Yarn

crochet yarn seller 400x107 Then and Now in Crochet (8/26   9/8)

And I reviewed yarn seller Jane & Michael. You can now find this UK yarn seller under the name A Stash Addict.

Aquí lo que era hasta hace un año

crochet dress 400x300 Then and Now in Crochet (8/26   9/8)

I started this crochet dress. I finally finished it recently.

crochet dress apron 400x532 Then and Now in Crochet (8/26   9/8)

I started crocheting what was intended to be a dress but turned into a delantal de ganchillo.

I planned to attend a lace-focused fashion show but I didn’t end up going in the end. The video above is for the 2012 fashion show, which I unfortunately also missedd. El 2012 show didn’t have a lace theme but I see some crochet in that video for sure. I’ll need to make sure to go next year!

crochet bags 400x300 Then and Now in Crochet (8/26   9/8)

I made these two bolsos de ganchillo, some of the favorites I made for my Año de proyectos!

capelet 400x300 Then and Now in Crochet (8/26   9/8)

Hice esto capucha de ganchillo although I have to confess that I’ve never really found a cute way to wear it.

hookedtogether2 500x84 Then and Now in Crochet (8/26   9/8)

I explored lots of new blogs for my Enganchados juntos Proyecto.

crochet inspiration Then and Now in Crochet (8/26   9/8)

Hice una lista de 25 sources for crochet news and another on 25 organizaciones benéficas que aceptan donaciones de ganchillo.

Este día en la historia del ganchillo

Busqué esta fecha en la historia del ganchillo y encontró que en 1925 there was a poem entered to win a $1000 prize that included a line about crochet. The section was:

In the evening when with hubby,

I am seated in the swing,

And with crochet-hooks or needles

I am making pretty things.

¿Te perdiste alguno de estos puestos el año pasado? Puede visitar los originales utilizando los enlaces a lo largo de este post.

pinit fg en rect gray 28 Then and Now in Crochet (8/26   9/8)

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