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I constantly see these wonderful crochet retreats y vacations that I wish I could go on. I’m not in a position to be taking crochet vacations right now but I swear someday it’s going to happen. Maybe I should write my next book all about craft retreats so that I can justify this type of expense as research. I could spend an entire year just going from one craft vacation to the next

Whoa, you almost lost me in my daydreams hereso what was I saying?

Oh yeah, there’s another crochet vacation coming up really quickly here that I just saw about online. It’s a week-long tour of Provence and it’s hosted by Lucy from the terrific crochet blog Ático 24.

Aquí hay un video al respecto:

There will be ample crochet time at the home with Lucy. This will also be a spinning demonstration and yarn display from Sylvie, a local angora rabbit owner, spinner and yarn dyer. There will be visits to other local yarn stores. Plus of course there will be general tourist attractions like optional bike rides, market trips, spa treatments, seeing the Roman ruins, visiting a local winery, checking out a nearby colorful village called Roussillon, shopping in Avignon and dining in lots of amazing places.

This trip costs about $3500 in USD. This includes the whole week’s stay in a home-based villa in the historic village of Mormoiron, eighteen meals plus morning and afternoon tea, all beverages including alcohol, a driver to all scheduled activities, fees for various entry and tours to the things that you’ll see and spending the week with Lucy. Así que no es un mal precio. Me gustaría tener el dinero en este momento!

De hecho, hay un recorrido de tejer en el mismo lugar una semana antes de la gira de ganchillo. Aprenda más sobre las dos visitas aquí.

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