Mis ganchillo alfombras tienen un acabado … Tal vez

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Hace aproximadamente un mes hice un post que muestra un manojo de grandes cuadrados de la abuelita Tenía en las obras que incluyen un conjunto de alfombras de ganchillo para mi pasillo. Me completado esas alfombras y los he tenido en la sala durante algunas semanas, pero estoy indeciso sobre si son o no va a quedarse allí después de todo.

granny square crochet rug My Crochet Rugs Are Finished ... Maybe

Los cuatro alfombras tienen algunas similitudes entre todos ellos. Todos ellos tienen el mismo centro – un cuadrado hecho de un negro voluminosos,blanco, hilo marrón y rosa. Además, todos tienen la misma frontera que está hecho de fibra de alpaca. La fibra de alpaca fue una decisión tonta y es un gran ejemplo de lo que me pasa a mí cuando voy a mi LYS en lugar de hacer compras en línea. La mayoría de las personas que conozco dicen que compran mejor en persona pero me compran mucho peor. I don’t know why I can’t seem to think through my purchase carefully but I never can. Al final, I didn’t really like the silver color with the rest of the colors in the rugs. But that’s not the real problem. The real problem is that the alpaca is so soft and smooth that it slips a little bit on the hardwood floor and that seems like it could be dangerous over time. I can just see stumbling to the bathroom in the middle of the night sometime and ending up flat on my face with a sprained ankle and a chipped tooth. I may just add an extra round of bulky yarn around each of them in a thicker texture to make them stick better to the floor.

crochet hallway rugs My Crochet Rugs Are Finished ... Maybe

The squares aren’t all the same although they have similar color schemes. In some of them I made a bulkier yarn for certain rounds by holding two strands of worsted together. The two center squares are two rounds smaller than the other two. This was a yarn issue but it works out well because the center of my hallway is more crowded anyway. All in all, I’m happy with how well they tie together. But I’m not sure that I like them as rugs. I think my personal style is shifting and I might prefer something less busya set of single neutral color doily rugs or something like that. So I’m thinking that in the end these four squares might be joined together with some extra work around them to make a crochet quilt. Ya veremos. For now they’ll stay on my floor and at some point down the line maybe they’ll get repurposed.

pinit fg en rect gray 28 My Crochet Rugs Are Finished ... Maybe
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