Los plásticos del ganchillo artista Magda Van der Vloed

I recently decided to go ahead and make a Página de Facebook de concupiscencia de ganchillo. Before that, I didn’t spend much time on Facebook. (Honestly, it’s probably my least favorite social media option.) But now that I’ve got the page, I’ve been over there more, and I have to admit that sometimes I see some awesome crochet things there that I haven’t seen anywhere elsethings like the work of crochet artist Magda Van der Vloed who I just discovered thanks to a photo post shared by The Crochet Dude.

Crochet Artist Magda Van Der Vloed

Magda Van der Vloed is a South African artist, designer and product developer who loves working with recycled materials. She frequently crochets with recycled plastic bags as well as with thick PVC wire/ recycled phone cords. She also adds crochet work to recycled plastic bottles for a twist on the idea of plastic crochet. In addition to sculptural art, this artist also makes wearable art in the form of jewelry.

recycled material brooch Plastics Crochet Artist Magda Van der Vloed

Another notable thing about Magda van der Vloed is that she does fair trade artisan trabajo. Por ejemplo, the brooch above isa product of a cooperative project with Magda Van Der Vloedworkshop of MUM’s“. It is made from recycled telephone wires and handcrafted jewels; the jewels are fair trade items from South Africa and the brooch is sold through Australian company Stem. A French blog post further explains thatMagda van Der Vloed manages a small integration business unit to form and employ young craftsman workers. Renowed for her creative and teaching talents, she often conducts products development workshops for South African NGO “Aid to Artisans”.

Plarn Crochet Trophy Heads

The first attention-getting item I saw from this crochet artist was one of her animal trophy heads which are crocheted using recycled plastic bags.

plarn crochet trophy head Plastics Crochet Artist Magda Van der Vloed

I love these because:

  • They have terrific striking use of color.
  • They’re granny squares in plarn, which you don’t usually see.
  • They celebrate an alternative form of taxidermy.
crochet trophy heads Plastics Crochet Artist Magda Van der Vloed
Here’s one more that doesn’t appear to be crochet but is also made from recycled materials.
recycled phone cord sculpture 400x533 Plastics Crochet Artist Magda Van der Vloed

Other Crochet Art Pieces

The crochet trophy heads are definitely my favorite things from Magda Van der Vloed but she also has some other fun crochet art.

recycled plastic with crochet 400x156 Plastics Crochet Artist Magda Van der Vloed

Plastic containers upcycled with crocheted plastic bags

crochetdermy 400x551 Plastics Crochet Artist Magda Van der Vloed

Full-size crochet animal sculptures, fuente foto is Mahatsara, which works with fair trade artisan organizations.

crochet phone cords 400x128 Plastics Crochet Artist Magda Van der Vloed

fuente foto

floral magda van der vloed 400x152 Plastics Crochet Artist Magda Van der Vloed

Recycled telephone wire

Artistas similares de ganchillo

shauna richardson lion crochet sculpture 500x285 Plastics Crochet Artist Magda Van der Vloed

Magda van der Vloed immediately makes me think of Shauna Richardson, the original creator ofcrochetdermy“.

crochet trophy head 400x376 Plastics Crochet Artist Magda Van der Vloed

I also have to think of yarnbombers Sociedad de damas circulares because of this particular piece.

crochet plastic sea creature Plastics Crochet Artist Magda Van der Vloed

And since she works in colorful plarn, she also reminds me of Piel de gallina

Share your opinions on this artist in the comments below!


pinit fg en rect gray 28 Plastics Crochet Artist Magda Van der Vloed

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