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Do you remember when I did my roundup of ideas for crochet gardens? I mentioned at the time that artist Catherine Reed was putting together an installation art garden that would be on display in Northern California in June. Bueno, it’s Juneand Reed has sent me some photos of the installation that I get to share with you now! Jump past the break to see:

yarn garden Dazzling Yarn Garden Now on Display

crochet flower gardens Dazzling Yarn Garden Now on Display

crochet flower garden Dazzling Yarn Garden Now on Display

The yarn garden was put together by Reed but she had help getting it done. The whole thing started because she received a huge box of donated yarn and it was mostly in colors that reminded her of flowers. She got to work crocheting and put in about three months of crochet work herself. She also got help from about 16 different community members who joined her on three different occasions to do some group crocheting.

In addition to the flowers, which make up the bulk of a good garden of course, there are other little details such as this yarn fountain:

yarn garden fountain Dazzling Yarn Garden Now on Display

It’s on display in Ukiah, CA at the Arts Council of Medocino Gallery.

pinit fg en rect gray 28 Dazzling Yarn Garden Now on Display

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